Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Cute!

These darling designs were conjured up by my friend and designer Marianne Colschen. It's usually pretty easy to spot micro beads in a photo because they 'wink' back at you with their reflective nature.

Wanting to add texture to a design but just not sure where to start? Try placing a piece of O'So Sticky Tape over the words and bead them with clear micro beads!

Because light refracts through the clear beads and creates a bit of distortion of the image underneath the larger the image is, the larger the beads can be. Pennywise beads come in three sizes: regular, mini and ultra fine. If you are concerned at all, it's always safe to use the ultra fine micro beads with any image.

Both O'So Sticky Tape and micro beads can be found on the Pennywise Arts website

Micro beads add texture, dimension and sparkle to any project!

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