Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something Marvelous

Evelyn Spikes Beaded Flower

I think this pretty beaded flower card by my friend Evelyn Spikes is pretty marvelous!  The image and verse just pop off the card at me, and if you click the photo you’ll see what a subtle glimmer our Ultra Fine Micro Beads give to the flower. 

Evelyn stamped and colored the image with markers, then she stamped just the blossom part of the flower on O’So Sticky Paperback Tape so she could cut it out to fit exactly over the image.  She peeled off the back liner and applied the cut tape to the colored blossom just like a sticker.  She then removed the top liner and dipped the exposed tape in ultrafine beads for the finish.  And what a finish it is!  Thanks for sharing Evelyn!!


  1. Thanks, Suzanne! One of the nice things about this card is the reminder that simple works very well. It's good to think about that when Christmas cards are looming.

    "Watercolor Daisy" from Hampton Art Stamps

  2. Evelyn,
    Your cards are always so amazing.


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