Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heart Songs

This whimsical winged girl reminds us to listen to our hearts.  “Sing your heart songs” she says.  How can we remember to do that in our crazy busy lives? 

DT - Bday - Julie3

For me, listening to (and singing) my heart song is dropping my plans without second thought to help a friend in need.  To be there when she needed a ride home, to sit with her when she was afraid, to cry with her, to grieve with her and to just hold her.  It didn’t matter what was on my schedule, or what chores needed doing.  When she called my name, she was the most important thing I had to do in that moment.  She was the song.

How do you listen to your own heart songs and sing them?


Card designed by Julie Imsland, PWA design team member

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