Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let’s All Get Organized!

Hey Everyone!

With so many of us going through our rooms to organize our stuff right, I thought it might be fun and inspirational to share photos of our ideas! For instance, I have a really cool idea for organizing my handmade papers! It’s worked out so well!

I had some of those black cube things that were storing other stuff (stuff that I mostly got rid of) and I took the backs off of them all. Then I put the whole frame up on top of an existing cabinet that just had stuff on it – stuff that didn’t have to be taking up so much room. Then I started putting my papers into it! Here is a picture:


I am not quite done yet – there is lots more paper to roll and put in there. The bin on the bottom left side is where I am tucking all of my handmade paper scraps (because we all know how expensive that paper can be and scraps are really useful for making atcs!!) I think I am also going to put all of my gift wrapping papers up there to so that they will be easily accessible for use rather than having to dig them out from under the bed. I already have my Christmas papers up there so I can start wrapping gifts earlier in the year, instead of all at once two days before Christmas.

I’ve really been excited about cutting vinyl with my Cricut and I made some really neat Christmas gifts with it. (I’ll show you that later). Storage of my vinyl was becoming an issue. It’s not cheap material and I don’t want it getting ruined. It’s also quite heavy so I wasn’t confident that my cubes could hold it without breaking them. As I pondered the predicament I spotted my Cricut box on the floor and ta-da! It’s perfect! All of my vinyl is safe and sound inside the box next to my handmade papers.


Okay, now it’s YOUR turn!! What have you done to improve your space, get more organized and free up you mind for more creative endeavors? Let’s all share! If your idea grabs me, I’ll even share it on my blog!

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  1. Suzanne,

    Cool idea. I started purging but then got the bug to make something and haven't back to it. Oh well there is always tomorrow.


  2. I'm working on my whole house!! Even my husband noticed the difference in the rooms I have finished!

  3. OK, OK, you've got me beginning to make a plan for reorganizing my stamp/scrap space. I just stored away the holiday stuff under the stairs and the space that's left is available, but a disaster! I'll be pulling out the old board and brick shelves and replacing them with something more appropriate. THANKS for the kick in the butt!

  4. If you have any good ideas for storage and organization, please share them!



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