Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love Is In The Air ♥

There is definitely something about this time of year that I really love!  Maybe it’s all the bright pink and red hearts in the stores or maybe it’s the fun new valentine papers and products in the window of my favorite stamp store

Maybe it’s the yummy rainbow colored candies that I like (only the Necco brand will do!)  candy hearts Maybe it’s just that I am really relieved to have the crazy holiday season behind me.  And maybe, just maybe…. it’s just ALL of those things all at the same time?

Because I love, love, love this holidayMindy Valentine Box time you can expect to see lots of LOVE in the air here for awhile!  I promise to keep it light and fun, no sappy poetry or heavy breathing.  Just light and fun, yummy and inspirational valentine art!

This gorgeous treat box was made by my sister-in-law Mindy several years ago.  I’ve kept it on display in my art room because it inspires me.

I am pretty sure it’s a die cut box from Stampin’ Up and that all the stamps are also from SU.  I just know Mindy that way.  Ü  She did get clever with her computer too though, to add the verse in vellum over the heart balloon images as well as for the name personalization. Not really showing up well in the photo is the heart and swirl background stamp (SU!) that she used in Versamark over the entire red box.


Julie Imsland made this playful Valentine ATC from an image that she discovered on one of our new collage sheets!  You can spot the glittery shine of the light blue micro bead border sandwiched into one of the many layers of this elegant ATC.  It’s actually an illusion – the beads are clear over light blue paper!  O’So Sticky Tape holds them perfectly in place. 



jeanshearshaker Jean Sunderman designed this fun and interactive shaker heart card.  The acetate is preprinted with “love” words and the heart shape is hand cut from blue polka-dot paper.  The two are layered onto a tight frame of foam tape which is what keeps the red opaque micro beads and tiny red punched hearts floating freely inside the window.

So how many hearts do you actually see in this one post?  If you guess the same number that I counted you will be entered in a drawing to win Julie’s ATC from this post!   Put your guesses in the comments – I won’t say what the right number is until it’s time to draw a winner.  Important note: I did not include the candy picture from the top of this post!  Ü


  1. Lovely, Lovely things on your blog today! I count 24 hearts withing the photos (not counting the candy heart candy) and 19 hearts within your typing!


  2. HMMMMMMMM I love all the projects! They are wicked sweet! I haven't even started on Valentines yet!!!!! I count 47 hearts all together! Even my son says there are 47, cause he is channeling his inner psychic!!!! LOL Great job on all the projects ladies!!!!

  3. ok I went back and counted with my son and now we say 50!!!!! That is our answer!

  4. I only see 43, Suzanne. Sure glad we didn't have to count the candy! I'll be interested to know just how many there are!

  5. I counted 34. Love the projects today!!

  6. I'm counting 37--I love the sweetart hearts that you can only get at this time of year!

  7. Valentine's Day is so fun - I counted 43 hearts..... love the chocolate and the hearts! Love the examples!

  8. I counted 42 hearts in all.
    These are great cards.
    Vicki Chow

  9. Love Is In The Air ♥

    Pretty sure there are 49 of them girls! Since no one guessed it, I am entering all of you into "the hat" name generator!

    And the winner is......

    Just for the super curious minds, this is how I counted them……

    The blog title has 1
    The red and pink ones at the start and stop of each paragraph are 18
    Located inside the photos with the copyright symbol are 3 hearts

    Mindy’s Box photo has 3 heart balloons and 4 heart brads
    Julie’s ATC has the word “heart” stamped on the vellum - 1

    The word “Heart” appears 6 times in the post
    Jean’s Shaker Card has 5 red hearts inside the shaker, one big heart and 7 blue hearts in the bottom border

    That was fun!! Ü



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