Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Every so often I run across this amazing card by an artist I haven’t heard from in awhile.  It’s vibrant colors pull me in to re-admire it over and over again.  All of the focal images were covered with O’So Sticky Tape and Pennywise clear micro beads.  It’s so sparkly and fun to see in person, just let me know when you want to stop by to see it with your hands!  Ü


I guess I also ought to confess that this card wasn’t actually made for me,… (in case the artists sees this and wonders how it came to be in my hands)… it was an anniversary card she made for a fellow “beadie bud” who was kind enough to share it with me after a time. 

Here’s a closer up view…


Artist: Rhondia Little

Stamp Credits:  Stampin’ Up!


  1. I am attempting to "remote in" on my home computer from my brother's home and publishing to the blog is definitely a challenge this way! The graphics through the remote login are not clear, so I guessed at it and clearly missed the mark! I'll try to replace these photos when I get back home next week!

  2. Gee....haven't heard Rhondia's name in a long while! It's such a pretty creation.

  3. I like this card. Not a lot of love going on this month in the green household, hubby is deployed so its just me and the kids, although we have lots of love to share!!!!! I am enjoying seeing everyones creations and sharing in your "love"


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