Monday, March 22, 2010

Laugh And Live More!


We’ve all heard that laughing is good for the soul and yet, how often do we intentionally put ourselves in a place and time to make sure it happens? 

Sometimes I spontaneously laugh at a goofy thing my husband says or a funny story that a girlfriend has shared.  But when was the last time I laughed, I mean really laughed? 

Actually,… it was just this last weekend when I went on a date with my sweetie to see comedian Tim Hawkins.   And let me tell you, I haven’t felt that GOOD in a long time!  Ohmagosh I laughed.  I laughed until my throat hurt laughed.  I laughed until my sides hurt laughed.  I laughed until I thought I would wet my pants laughed.  And yep, I think I laughed hard enough that some of it even got deep down in my soul.  Ü

Tim’s website alone has enough clips to keep you laughing for about an hour and those laughs are FREE!  If you can’t recall when you last laughed so hard you thought you were going to pee in your pants, then you need to get over there and get in a good dose of Tim!  If he happens to be in your area, even better, go see him.  There is nothing like the energy of being at a live comedy show in a room full of people “LOLing”.  In that place and time I was able to laugh as hard and as loud as I felt like and not be the least bit self conscious about it.  I didn’t worry that my laugh wasn’t cute, or that it was too loud or too much.  I didn’t care, Tim was THAT funny!

And for some reason I can’t explain, that story connects in my mind to this card I made a few years ago.  It’s a shaker card with the image stamped on the acetate.  The verse down the left says “Laugh and Live More!”. 


No matter what else is going on in life, we all need to take the time to laugh and live more! 

Stamp Credits:  Paperbag Studios, Hero Arts

P.S. I have about a dozen of these completed cards for sale, if you are interested in purchasing one please contact me via email  Packaged with an envelope in a clear bag they are $5 each.  Blank inside.  Postage to get it to you is my treat.  Ü

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  1. This is one of my very favorite images.....and the alcohol inks in!


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