Wednesday, March 2, 2011


While going through some things in my craft room I came across this card by Evelyn Spikes. IMG_0906A version of it was featured in a long ago black and white issue of Vamp Stamp News

I really appreciate Evelyn’s ability to make elegant art without a lot of “hoo-ha”.  I tend to get caught up in all my stuff, Evelyn just gets in there and uses hers.

This card’s micro beaded element of the woman’s eye and fingers has been covered with O’So Sticky Tape and coated with ultra fine micro beads.  The gems on the fingers are what really make this design HOT!

I’ve been following Evelyn’s photography blog and learning a lot about photography just by watching what she does.  I think she will be pleased with this photo of her art, I know I was!

Hugs, Suzanne


  1. You really captured Evelyn's card with your photo. I too follow her photo blog and just love her barn photos. Evelyn is a very talented artist with her cards, ATC's, tags, photos, etc.

  2. Isn't it funny how you can zero in on a single stamp as a real favorite? That's the way I feel about the UM from who-knows-where? Maybe RubberStampAve? Now, I'm overwhelmed with images that I've purchased and haven't even inked. It's just not as fun as it was when the supply was more in control. :-)


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