Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beware! Brad Pendants Are Highly Addictive!

cant stop

When I was growing up my family played a lot of board games. One of my favorites was “Can’t Stop” from Parker Brothers.  It’s a game of risk, chance and mostly… self control.  I lacked much of the latter which is why I think it best that I don’t go to casinos.  Ü

Creating the pendants from altered brads has had the same effect on me as that board game from long ago.  I just Can’t Stop!  I’ve decided that less is more when it comes to the Glossy Accents.  Originally I had envisioned a nice thick bubble of clear dried GA over the top.  But the thicker it gets the less I like the way it looks so I am shifting my vision to something different and it’s working better for me.  This pendant has a beautiful piece of paper from a Papaya card for the background with a thin layer of GA over the top.  Then I laid the gems on top and let it dry overnight.


Walking away and leaving them overnight seems to be what I need to do.  Otherwise I find a way to bump it, mess it up, tip it over or drop something on it.  What a goober!  I didn’t add micro beads to the one above because the background is already pretty busy.

These next two are my new favorites!

IMG_1275 IMG_1272

Both also have background paper from punched up Papaya greeting cards.  The one on the left has gems and a colorful mixture of micro beads (I made sure that there weren’t any fuchsia ones after the previous problem with color bleeding.)  The one on the right has a charm that I got from Michael’s Craft store.

I’m trying to pace myself since I only have a total of 12 brads to play with until my order gets here!  My table has a lovely assortment of papers and embellishments just waiting!


Until next time, Suzanne


  1. You go, Suzanne! I'm proud of the way you really stuck to this. These are wonderful!

    Sally B.

  2. Thanks so much sweet Sally! I haven't stopped making them yet, just haven't had time to post more updates!

    There were some perfect size stickers in the dollar bin at JoAnn's that I can't wait to try!!


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