Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Installment of Domino Ornaments

Lisa Blakeney
Kathi Hall’s “Peace on Earth” ornament has a really thick and  glossy finish on the top, I love how it looks and feels!

Michele Aiello Zendejas
Snow Davison made this Santa domino for me many years ago.  In fact it was the first domino ornament I had ever seen and I was in love! 

And last but not least is one made by Terry Townsend.  I think she decoupaged a fancy napkin onto the domino.  Then she covered it with clear micro beads.  Sometimes it’s really hard to get a good picture when clear beads are involved, they just want to shine and reflect.  It’s their nature and they can’t help it.  Ü  I’m sorry I couldn’t get a better photo for you of Terry’s ornament.  You just have to come over and see it in person.
Here are some more of the lovely dominos in my collection!

Lisa Blakeney made the snowflake at left.  Clear micro beads garnish the sides for an icy wintery look.

Kathi Hall
Michele Aiello-Zendejas decked her poinsettias out with gold micro beads and a fun tassel.

Snow Davidson
Our Beadie Buddy Theresa Dalzell-Wells used one of the Swing Shift Designs collage sheets from the Pennywise site on her domino at left.   Clear Ultra Fine micro beads cover the top and a mixture of blue and silver adorns the sides.

Terry Townsend


I get so caught up in sharing and giving that I didn’t seem to save any of the ones that I made!   If you have one and come across it when you unpack your decorations this year, won’t you please send me a picture?  I’d really appreciate it!

Hugs, Suzanne

P.S.  Don’t forget that Pennywise has pre-drilled dominoes on the “beadables” page of our website to make it quicker and easier than ever to whip up some ornaments of your own!

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  1. One of the best things about this swap is every year you get more - and it is awesome to take them out and adorn your tree - each one a memory! Love this swap! Kathi


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