Monday, July 23, 2012

French Fleur

I had such a fun day at Art ‘n Soul in Olympia, Washington yesterday!  Meeting so many “beadie buddies” and hearing your feedback about the blog and class lineup really made my day!  The Pennywise make ‘n take was this pretty French fleur die cut artist trading card.French Fleur Demo I prepared for 50 makers and came home with 8 extra makings, that’s sure a lot of fun folks in one small place at the same time! 

I scheduled 4 classes there for September!  Hooray!  The dates to save are September 9th and 23rd! More details coming soon! 

Here’s how we did the above atc:

The short explanation:

Silver base, dark blue layer stamped with Versamark and French script from Stamper’s Anonymous, silver fleur frame and a medallion made with a blue cardstock circle covered in O’So with the silver fleur on top and the micro bead mixture filling in around it.

The longer more detailed and visually pleasing explanation:

The silver cardboard foil is recycled material - would you believe a lid from a takeout container?!  I cut it using the Spellbinders Fleur de lis accents die set (S5-042)fleurdieset and my Vagabond electric die cutter. 

pwavagabond One interesting tidbit I learned when die cutting the detailed frame was shimming it with a piece of bubble wrap behind the paper (not behind the cutting plate).  It gives it a little more koosh I guess and helps the die get all the way through the thicker metallic material. The first time through some of the bubbles will pop which is a fun added bonus!

To conserve the pretty silver paper I put the fleur die in the middle of the frame and cut it at the same time.  Since this gets covered up by the medallion it didn’t matter if it was centered or straight.


The circles were all cut with my Cricut - including the O'So Sticky Tape circles!  I love letting my machines do all the fussy stuff!  The Cricut will cut clean through paperbacked sticky tape.  I set the blade on depth 6 with high pressure.  Your machine may vary.Circut circles

Note: Any red liner tape sheets can be converted to paper by saving the white liner from a used sheet and trading it out for the red.


To make the medallions I put a 1.5” circle of  O’So Sticky Tape over a 1.5” blue cardstock circle.  I removed the top liner from the tape and placed the silver fleur die cut in the middle. 

Then the medallion was pressed into a mixture of colored opaque micro beads. (Royal blue, silver, teal and purple).

The pictures are dark. I was too lazy to put my shoes on and go outside like I usually do for the best lighting.

Here is another one of my other experiments using all of the same materials:


For the above medallion I cut the fleur first.  Then I used a circle punch to cut it from the sheet.  A circle of O’So Sticky was placed behind the cutout and the micro beads fill it in.  If you work with Spellbinders at all you know that layers, layers, layers make the design.  Foam tape lifts the frame piece off of the background for more dimension.

If you’ve read this far you are a true blue Pennywise fan and to reward your loyalty I will send the above atc to the first 8 people to leave a comment on the blog!   Leave a sweet note in the comments section and then click the “contact me” button at the top of the blog page and email your mailing address to me PRIVATELY!  You’ll know if you are in the first 8 just by counting the comments.

Hugs, Suzanne


  1. You know I always read your blog. I subscribe through my google reader. Great ATC. I am in love with the colors. The bead mixture is really rich and perfect for the fluer. Darlene

  2. It was good to see you but was too crowded to do the make and takes. I never feel creative or want to do projects when it is so crowded and noisy. But it was great to see the large crowd.

  3. As always you do some outstanding work. I love how you mix the beads and such great combinations.

  4. Ah, now I can officially say...well done! Love the colors, my favorite! ;)

  5. Very pretty, and of course I love the recycled use of the lid. I have that Spellbinders die, it's BIBHUIY. I will have to get it out and try this.

  6. This card is beautiful. The technique is wonderful. All in all a 10 out of 10.
    Celia Henry


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