Saturday, February 6, 2010

PWA ATC 1-4-1 Swapping √

On our Yahoo Group community we host many different art swaps.  One of my favorites is the ATC 1-4-1.  This is a small group of swappers of about 16 artists.  (The number fluctuates slightly from month to month depending on how many people join and drop from the swap.)  It’s a nice easy commitment to keep because there isn’t a set theme to design around and each person could receive a different atc from me.


This month though, they are all the same.  I was so pleased with my design that I made enough for all 16 swappers and even a few extras, just in case!  (wink!)

A roll of 2-1/2” wide ribbon with music print was the inspiration and background for this design.  I cut the ribbon to 3-1/2” long to make the standard atc size.  Then I cut a sheet of O’So Sticky Tape to the same size and put  it over the ribbon.  The leaf shaped trim and black grosgrain ribbon were added on top of the exposed tape and then the whole thing was pressed into a tray of clear micro beads.

The final embellishment is a postoid created by stamping once onto the green metallic paper and again onto pink.  The pink heart was cut out and placed over the one in green with foam tape to give it some height.  Decorative edged scissors were used to give the edges a postage stamp look.

If you are already a member of the Pennywise Arts Yahoo Group and want more information about our 1-4-1 swap, just contact Julie I.  aka “cougstamper”.  To take part in our swaps we do require group membership and our community is open to swappers of all levels, ability and geographic location!  Come play with us!

Stamp Credits: Studio g 

Ribbon Credit:  May Arts

(Look for them in the dollar bins at a Michael’s craft store!)


P.S. See the check mark – √ up top on the blog title??

Post a comment and you could win one of these atc cards in your mailbox!!


  1. Very cool! I can't believe you don't have a ton of comments. TFS!!

  2. Don't you just love those clear microbeads and how they just make the ribbon sparkle? I will be scavanging my ribbon to see if I can find somehting to try this!

  3. I would really love to see this - Up close and Personal. Pressed into clear beads? What kind and how come you see no glue residue? It is nice. Maybe I can now learn the language of Stamping.
    Thank-you for the extras.

  4. I have a pack of microbeads and it never occurred to me to dip a whole card in -- great idea!

  5. Quilt Knit - I used a sheet of O'So Sticky Tape from Pennywise Arts over the ribbon to adhere the micro beads! No glue needed! In fact, with the clear beads glue would actually take away from them because it gets on the beads and keeps the light from refracting through the glass. I like it sparkly!

  6. Dot, Paula and Quilt Knit! You have won your very own ATC from this post! I just need you to email me your mailing addresses privately, to please!

  7. Love the card! and I'm so glad you mentionedthe Oso tape-it's new to me. I've been wondering how to attach micro beads to ATCs without using a puddle of glue.

  8. I got mine in the mail yesterday!!!! LOVE IT! Be on the look out for mine! I also received the card from the previous candy that I won!!!! Love it!

  9. Thank you Suzanne! The beautiful ATC arrived in my mail today!!


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