Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank You For Being A Friend

Marianne Colschen has been my friend since the early, early days of Pennywise.  She is an amazing support to our creative endeavors and has worked many conventions by my side.  I appreciate her for her kindness, her friendship, her creativity and her fearless rattle snake skinnin’ heart!  (You’ll have to ask her about that story sometime….)   Ü


Thanks for being such a good friend Marianne, and for making this bubble beaded card for the blog too!  Ü

Suzanne and MarianneMarianne and me at ARTS 2004


  1. Hi girls!! I love how Marianne used the bubble beads on the tree for the card she made!!

  2. Suzanne, how wonderful for you to have such a supportive friend. Her card is awesome with those bubble beads. Dar

  3. How pretty! Fun Bubble Beads on that tree!


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