Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Being sick for the whole month of October really didn’t leave much room for blogging but I just HAD to get Chriss Grabb’s spooky creations up for you before the holiday past by!

Halloween is Chriss’s favorite holiday and she loves to create all things bats year round!

This fun banner has been hanging in my kitchen:


Lot’s of great paper layers with a spider web background stamp and micro beaded letters make up this great decoration.  Oh, and lets not forget the due cut bat dangly!

Chriss also created this great Halloween card: Batty I think this photo showed the sparkly watermark background off very well, but the lavender micro beaded background not so much.  Some things you just gotta see in person!


  1. Oh, sorry you were so sick. Sure cuts into having fun aka crafting. Chriss's projects are wonderful, the banner is just awesome.

  2. I really like the banner! I just read all about Chriss over at the web site. Very interesting having bats as pets.

  3. Chriss,
    I love banners and this one is great.


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