Monday, November 22, 2010

Uh oh. Here it comes.

I can feel it starting in my gut... HSP - "holiday season panic". Thanksgiving is nearly here, which means Christmas is looming with a capital "L" and I haven't bought a single gift, nor do I have any grand ideas of what gifts to give (that are within my budget).

I really WANT to MAKE special things for my friends yet I feel completely overwhelmed and uninspired. Sigh. What a familiar place for me. If you haven't gotten a Christmas card from me in the past, this would be the reason.

December 25th happens on the same day, every year and yet somehow it always seems to sneak up on me. How does this happen? Every year I vow to myself that the next year will be different. (Did you hear it? That was this year's vow Ü ). Just like with New Year's resolutions, my good intentions generally evaporate once the pressure is off somewhere around February.

All around me I see really amazing women who seem to have it all under control,... taking the holidays in stride while cranking out gorgeous Christmas cards that they actually mail on time. At the same time the hold down jobs and are making incredibly thoughtful and time consuming gifts for their friends and family. If you are one of them, HOW do you DO it?? Please share your secrets with the rest of us!!?? (This is where you click the "comment" button, pretty please?)


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