Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A New Take On An Old Favorite

I really love it when new people get hooked on micro beads!   Yes, I admit that it’s good for sales but the best part of all is that they bring new eyes to the table and inspire me with different ways to do the things I’ve been doing the same way for years.  This shaker card by Laura Davis is one of those things.

IMAG0391Look closely at the hearts and instead of acetate you will see  ribbon mesh holding the beads inside.  Brilliant!

For this atc card, Laura cut a piece of patterned paper slightly smaller than a piece of lavender cardstock.  Holding the two together securely (without adhesive) she then used a handheld punch to punch hearts through both layers of cardstock. 




This picture shows the ribbon that Laura found at a dollar store.  She is trimming off the gold binding edges to use for other projects and adhering  a piece of the mesh between the two pieces of punched cardstock.



Next, Laura makes a foam tape box around the edges of the back of the card taking care to make sure the corners meet tightly so the beads won’t escape.

Some of our small beads wouldn’t stay behind the mesh, so Laura chose to use our Golden Opaque “Bigger” micro beads.  They work quite nicely!  IMAG0400

Before putting the beads inside the box, it’s important to take the liner off of the tape.  That way all of the jiggling won’t cause the beads to spill out.

Be sure to put in enough beads to make it shake nicely.

Place a piece of coordinating cardstock over the opening to seal the beads inside.


So very clever!

Hugs, Suzanne

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  1. I like to use mikro beads in my works, I enjoyed a shaker card ! A great idea!!! Good wishes from Russia!


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