Monday, May 28, 2012

Flower Power


karen hat 2These flowers are Hot-Hot-Hot!  Chances are you have seen something like them in stores and clipped on purses and in many hairstyles.  This is one variation created by PWA designer, Karen Slusher.  Karen attended our annual retreat last month and shared her “power flowers” with us there.  

Here’s a photo of Karen’s project station.  Note, an open candle flame is used!


Supplies:  Assorted fabrics, scissors, tweezers, candle, lighter, 3-D Zots, Pennywise Bubble Beads, Glue, Pin back or Hairclip, Needle and thread, small piece of felt for backing.


1. Cut assorted fabric pieces into general flower shapes.  They don’t need to be perfect – just rough petals.  The largest piece should be about 4” across.  Karen used 6 pieces of fabric in 3 different sizes. 

2. Once the cutting is done, light a candle and hold the petals above the flame. Lower the fabric toward the flame turning as the edges start to melt and curl.  Use tweezers to hold fabric if needed.

** Do not let the fabric get any closer to the flame once melting starts.

** Keep turning the fabric so it doesn’t linger in the flame and start to burn.

3. Once all pieces are melted, stack them together as desired and place on top of felt square.

4. Using the needle and thread, stitch through the felt and up through the flower, then back through the felt. Do this a couple times to hold the flower together. Knot and cut under the felt.

5. To make the beaded center choose a bead type to use as your flower center (Bubble beads or a mixture of colored micro beads are fantastic options).  Tear off a 3D glue dot (ZOT), leaving the backing paper to hold it.  Dip the ZOT into your chosen beads and press to cover.  Carefully peel off the backing from the beaded ZOT and place in the center of your flower.

6. Affix a pin back or hair clip to the back of your flower

7. Wear as a pin on clothing, purse, scarf, etc.

Quick and easy these pretty flowers make for instant beadie gratification!  Karen made this royal blue one special for moi.  :)

IMG_1795 IMAG0480

IMG_1794Try mixing and matching colors and fabric textures.  I’ve seen some really pretty ones done with sage and taupe together – super elegant! 

Hugs, Suzanne

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