Friday, November 4, 2011

In The Beginning


In the beginning there were pens.  Sparkly, captivating and unique beaded pens.  I was in love and that is how Pennywise came to be.  True story!

I could never really count how many pens I’ve made over the years.  I tried.  It went like this:  An O’So Sticky Mega roll of tape (currently out of stock but hoping to make a come back!) made 240 pens.  Wow!  I’m sure that I went through at least 12 rolls if not more. Zowie!  240 x 12 = 2,880 beaded pens!  WHOA!   I think I am in awe of myself now!  Ü

I know there are a lot of artists making beaded pens for gifts and many even to sell in craft boutiques and on the internet.  Most of them get their micro beads from us because we have the best price and customer service there is!  (Toot-toot!)

I love when customers share photos of what they make with our beads, it’s so amazing to see what other people think of and do with PWA micro beads.  Julien LaBorde of Paisley Pens shared this brilliant photos with me and I quickly begged her to let me share them with you.  Her designs are so vibrant! 2photo 


Be sure to check out Julien’s Facebook page and “like” her to see more of her gorgeous pens!

Hugs, Suzanne

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  1. That's O'sooooooooo many pens Suzanne. Julien's pens are just jaw-dropping! Thanks for sharing her artwork.


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