Friday, November 4, 2011

Passing On The Queen’s Cape

The Queen In All Her Glory Just for fun (and because I'm really not using it any more) I have listed my "queen's cape" on eBay.  I think it would be great as a Renaissance or Christmas Pageant costume! 

I just happened to wear it on national television (she says in casual passing). Ü 

It was in January of 2005 when HTGV came to my home to film me “Beading The World” for their show “Crafters Coast To Coast”.  It was an incredible and terrifying experience!  It took 8 hours to create the three projects I had submitted.  An African themed shaker card, a matching beaded pen and my favorite  an African themed treasure/jewelry box.

African Box When the show aired, it just worked out that it was on a Monday following our annual PWA spring retreat, so lots of my beadie buddies stayed over an extra night and we all went to watch my national debut on the big screen at The Lucky 7 Saloon in Kirkland, WA.

This is Marianne, Kelly and Susan


This is Lynn and Juliet.  Lynn passed away in 2007, so I really treasure this photo and the memories of her friendship and support.Lynn and Juliet at Showtime

Here’s a familiar face!  Michelle Mc (from our design team) and Sharon.  Michelle and Sharon at Showtime I randomly drew a name from inside the Africa box and Sharon’s sister was the winner!  (I think Sharon wrestled it from her though.)

Well that was a fun little stroll down memory lane, and all just to say, if you are interested you can view the robe on eBay  by pasting in the item #120805898276

And if it's your turn to be Queen then bid on it!  Ü

(If a beadie buddy wins the auction I have extra “queenly” goodies that I’ll tuck in for free! 



  1. I loved that episode on Coast to Coast. Too bad all those shows are no longer being aired. I miss Carol D too.

  2. Thanks Darlene! It was a once in a lifetime that's for sure! Ü They had my episode tutorials online for years, but I can't find them now.

    Hugs, Suzanne

  3. That was a fun stroll down memory lane! Thanks for the great pics!


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