Monday, June 27, 2011

Glass Sculpture

Bird Glass Sculpture

This fun project has been two years in the making, really!  A couple of years ago I was craft show hopping with some friends when we spotted a beautiful cobalt blue glass sculpture displayed as a yard ornament. 

As we discovered that it was all created from various glass items such as a wine bottle, vase, plate, marbles, etc. we all ooh’ed and aaahhh’ed even more.  Surely we could do that!

The best part was that when I wasn’t looking those silly girls bought it for me for my birthday.  I love them so much!

From that day forward we all started collecting interesting pieces of glass to use in our own sculptures some day.  After several false starts, that “some day” came several weeks ago when we all met together with ALL of our collective glass pieces and the sculpting began!

The sculpture shown above was a collaborative effort but I think Julie Imsland and Yvonne Grimes were the key contributors to the design.

The glass is “glued” together with 100% silicone applied liberally.  For items left outside it’s important to seal everything tightly so that water won’t get inside.  (If it does, yucky things grow.)  Because I still have very little hand strength I purchased a Black and Decker power caulking tool for about $35.  It worked out wonderfully!

Inside the vase I put some teal and clear micro beads.  Above you can see them still layered.  At that point in the photo shoot I hadn’t decided for sure if I was going to mix them up or not but then I went for it!Beads In Bird Vase And I’m so glad I did!  This little sculpture stands about 14 inches high and is just too sweet and delicate to decorate the outside.  I’m keeping it inside where I see it every day and where it won’t have to weather the elements!

Included in my sculpture is a glass bird, a vase, a small plate, a bubble vase, a votive holder, white pebble marbles, a weird flat vase (like the kind my grandma floats rose blossoms in) and a heavy plate with scalloped edges and glass feet.  Someone thought it could be Fostoria – don’t tell grandma that I glued that!  ;0)

I really wanted to show you the inspirational cobalt blue piece but the virus on my computer won’t let me have the picture.  :0(

Hugs, Suzanne