Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Sign Give Away

Just in time for Valentine’s Michele Aiello Zendejas created a beautiful sign collaged in handmade roses (from punches!) and micro beaded collage sheet images.  Her layering and design skills always amaze.  Her eye for details and unique embellishments take her designs over the top.  (Keep reading to learn Michele’s secret to making those gorgeous punched roses!)


And we’re GIVING it away!!  

Would you like to have this beauty hanging on your door in time for Valentine’s Day??  It could happen!!   All orders over $25 that are placed on our website now through Wednesday at noon will have a chance!   AND if you order collage sheets you will get an EXTRA chance for each sheet ordered – digital OR printed!

All orders/entries will be entered into our little “Hat” random winner picker program at 12:01 pm on Wednesday.   From there I will go directly to the post office with all of the orders.

If you are the winner, you will find this goodie enclosed in your package.  Best of all, the US Post Office should have it to you by Saturday!  Of course, the winner will be announced on our blog and will hopefully leave us a comment when it is received!

To make your own Valentine sign, Michele has supplied step by step instructions:


Swing Shift Designs Collage Sheets: Valentine Hearts 2 and Valentines Hearts 3

•Pennywise Arts Ultra Fine Micro Beads

•Pennywise Arts O’So Sticky Tape

•Double Sided Foam tape

•Red, Pink, and Black Cardstock

•Red Ink Pad

•White Lace

•Bird Die Cut

•Branch Die Cut

•Tag Die Cuts (two sizes to layer)

•Flourish Die Cuts

•Graduated sizes of 6-Petal Flower Die Cuts

•Leaf Die Cuts or pre-made leaves

•Wired pearls

•Flourish Stamp

•“Love” Stamp

•Black Craft Wire

•Mandrel or dowel to coil wire.

•Adhesive (I used a Glue Gun & Glue Sticks)

•3 Eyelets

•Hole Punch

•Eyelet Setter



Choose 4 images from the Valentine Hearts Collage Sheets 2 and 3. Cut them out close to the edge of the design. Cover with O’So Sticky Tape and ultra fine micro beads. Set aside. clip_image002

Punch three 6-petal flowers for each rose that you are making.


  1. Make a slit between two petals of one of the flowers.
  2. Cut out one petal off one of the flowers
  3. Cut out two petals from one of the flowers.

Adhere the petals on either side of the cuts on top of each other. Just add glue to the top area of the petal, not at the base. Your 3 three six-petal flowers will now be 1 five-petal, 1 four-petal, and 1 three petal. Use one of the petals that you cut off for the rose center. Roll it up loosely.


Trim the bottoms off of the four-petal flower, the three-petal flower, and the rolled up center petal. Stack and glue them from large to small until you’ve made a rose.

Different size punches or die cuts will create different sized flowers.


I use a jump ring mandrel to curl the edges of the roses for a more realistic look. I’ve also used a round toothpick, the handle part of a cotton swab, different sized round dowels, and skewers to shape petals, depending on their size.

Layer flourish die cuts onto the heart and then add the cut out hearts one by one. Adhere the first heart on the top left with one layer of double-sided foam tape. Use two layers of foam tape for the middle heart and three layers for the bottom heart.

Add roses and leaves to the heart as desired.


Attach the last heart to a coordinating layered tag. Add sentiment and embellishments to the tag. Add a coordinating bird and branch die cut to the large heart and then add wired pearls as desired.

Punch holes and set eyelets at the top of the tag and the heart. Coil wire (I used a large jump ring mandrel) and attach the tag to the wire, then attach the wire to the completed heart.