Friday, December 3, 2010

Cards In A Tin

Great tin containers can be found most anywhere and with a little imagination, they can take on a look completely different than when you saw them first.

Michelle McCarthy altered this tin with alcohol inks, rubber stamped images, micro beads and beaded trim. 


Inside she can store cards to send, or the whole combination can be given away as a gift.


I know more than a few people who would love to get a tin of handmade cards as a gift!

Hugs, Suzanne

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanks For Giving

Slide Mailer From Evelyn Spikes

  It’s post Thanksgiving and I’m still giving thanks for all of the wonderful women who are a part of my life.  Pennywise Arts (and all of the creative ladies who have supported it) has been quite a surprise.  We never expected the business to last past the first year yet, here we are perched on the verge of year 8!  Wow!

The Pennywise Arts Yahoo Group has been a huge blessing.  Who knew that so many friendships could be forged among otherwise strangers?  The bonds of care, support and inspiration that have blossomed from our community amaze me every day. 

One of my long time friends from the group is Evelyn Spikes.  Evelyn is an amazing artist who inspires me to just get in there and “make art”.  She’s on several design teams (including ours) and she never shies away from a challenge.  When I retire, I hope I can be as busy, active and creative as Evelyn!  Ü

One of her gorgeous creations blessed my mailbox this week and I could hardly wait to share it with you:

Slide Mailer From Evelyn Spikes

The base is an item I instantly recognized.  Several years ago we sold “slide mailers” on the Pennywise website along with glass microscope slides.  I’m sure Evelyn had this in her stash from then and I was tickled to see her make use of it in such an elegant way.  I really love how the bubble beads add sparkle and subtle color.  It’s the perfect accent for a wonderful piece of art that I am happy to have!  Thanks so much Evelyn! 

Hugs,  Suzanne

Monday, November 29, 2010

Name Frame

Here’s a great gift idea from PWA designer Michelle McCarthy!  Michelle created this lovely name frame from ink, paper, ribbon, circle clips and of course micro beads applied with O’So Sticky Tape.Name Frame

I was lucky enough to get to make one with her at a shoebox party in California several years ago.  IMG_0629

I wanted to show close ups but the lighting won’t cooperate today to get good ones.  Here are a couple of not so good ones:

IMG_0636  IMG_0634

If you have or make one of these fun frames, please send me a photo so I can share it here!

Hugs,  Suzanne


Stamp Credits:  Stampin Up!