Sunday, April 29, 2012

There’s A Song In The Air

Suzannes2As you read this I am retreating with 28 of my PWA pals at a lodge in Cle Elum, WA.  We are stamping the weekend away, sharing projects, stories, games and lots and lots of laughter!  I know you wish you were there too!

The Pennywise Arts retreats are “Shoebox” retreats.  That’s what we call it when everyone brings a project (in a box) to share with everyone else.  I bring one project with enough supplies for 28 gals to create it and over the course of the weekend I create 28 other projects from their boxes!

My project was inspired by an altered spool that I came across on Pinterest a couple of months ago.  Many of the elements are the same as what I used on my Pity Party project and atc swap for the event, just adapted a little differently to go on a spool.

Suzannes2This is my instruction sheet that goes with the project:

  1. Put small dabs of glue on the flowers (Prima) and leaves and place the flowers and leaves into a tidy tray. Add bubble beads where desired and then sprinkle bead mixture over all exposed glue and let sit to dry. Return the excess beads to the jar.
  1. Use the ATG tape gun to adhere the script circles in the middle of the brown lace papers. (Glue is too wet and may cause it to warp.)
  1. Remove just one tape liner on the music notes paper and center it onto cardboard tube. Wrap it tightly then remove the other liner and press down.
  1. Squeeze a small amount of glue on one end of the tube and center the brown lace paper onto it. Repeat with the other end.
  1. Using the glue “caulk” around the base of the tube to create a thin strip of glue all the way around. Set into tidy tray and sprinkle bead mixture onto it.
  1. Take note of where the “back” is before proceeding. Add the leaf vine once around the tube with little dabs of glue. Trim off extra leaves to use on the top.
  1. Glue the nest in place, add leaves, vine and flowers as desired

pity party project

  1. Add the verse with just a little dab of glue
  1. Stick the bird onto the tube, add flowers, vine and/or twigs to “ground” the bird.

I created this to be a little sweet something to sit on your desk, windowsill or shelf. The basic idea could be adapted to be a hanging ornament or make the top a lid that comes off to put a note inside.

Hugs, Suzanne

You’re A Hoot

Vicki Chow has an amazing relationship with her Cricut!

Vicki ChowDarling paper pieced owls adorn the front of the page as well as a tag that fits into a deep pocket mounted on the front.  The polka dot frame behind the sentiment was covered with O’So Sticky Tape before laying the words on.  Then it was dipped in clear micro beads (which never show up well in photos).

The Flower Soft wings on the cover owl add soft texture that invites you to see this page with your hands!

Hugs, Suzanne