Sunday, March 11, 2012

We’re Throwing A Surprise Party!


Pennywise Arts is 9 years old today and to celebrate we went and got a total image makeover!  Surprise!!

In addition to our new face we are giving away free goodies to five random customers!*  The lucky winners will receive a handmade goodie from yours truly along with their order.    We are also gifting our customers with free shipping all day with minimum $25 purchase**. 

presents  FREE


 Our new website is clean, sharp, easy to navigate and has been programmed so that all updates are quick and simple for me to do without needing to know all the html mumbo jumbo. 

I especially love the art gallery automatic feed from Flickr!  I have a lot of work to do to add in all of our bazillion photos and as I upload them the amazing new website will automagically update the gallery with all of the newest photos.  This means it will be changing all of the time, how cool is that?!  Plus, now you can leave comments on Flickr to give some love to the artists that so generously share their artwork with us.

We are not quite done moving in yet, so there will be lots more content added as it all gets converted from the old site.  Much gratitude goes to Amy Hamerly for her artistic vision and creation of the new Pennywise brand.  Amy designed it all, logo, look and layout.  It all feels so modern, I love it!

Hugs!  Suzanne

* Winners will be selected at random from all orders placed between Friday, March 9 and Sunday March 11, 2012.

**International orders will receive a credit of $5.45 towards actual shipping costs.