Friday, October 11, 2013

Pennywise Arts Is Closed

Pennywise Arts Is Closed

In appreciation to our loyal followers the content of the website gallery, tutorials, blog, Yahoo Group and Facebook pages remain available.

Monday, May 13, 2013

What Comes Next?

On March 11th 2013, Pennywise Arts celebrated its 10th year in business. My how time flies when you are having fun! I often joke that almost everything wonderful in my life was found on the internet: my husband, my business, my friends, my dog...

The amazing relationships that Pennywise Arts brought into my life have been the most beautiful gift of all. Our community touches my heart every single day. I love the way we connect near and far, swap art, play, stamp, shop and bless one another. Really, it stopped being about the micro beads a long, long time ago.

Change is in the air for me, I have known it for a while. Letting go of something that has been so powerful and good is a little scary and yet I know its time and that I must. There is a lot I have not sorted out and a lot I do not know but one thing I do know is that I want the friendships we have grown to remain. You have touched my life, we have bonded and that is something I want to hold on to. Who knows, maybe you will inspire my next thing just by being you, the most amazing circle of friends I have ever known!

The Pennywise Yahoo Group will stay open as long as there continues to be an interest there. Namely its used to coordinate art swaps which I plan to take part in wholeheartedly! The PWA Retreat Yahoo group will also stay open. I intend to continue hosting this fun annual event. After 10 of them, we have all grown quite fond of each other.

The website will stay open until we run out of stock. Things are getting slim, so if there is something you need please order it soon. Most of the colored beads are gone but there is still a good bit of clear in all three sizes and a small stock of OSo Sticky Tape Paperback sheets. Wholesale sales have been suspended.

I am entertaining the idea of keeping the blog going, because it is fun to share from time to time and we have such amazing content there from so many artists and friends (and it is free, so what the heck!). I still want to share with you all of the fun stuff we made at the retreat!

I think the Facebook page could stay active also, since it is a connector for fun social things that many of us like to participate in. Just another way to keep us connected as a community.

The newsletter is being discontinued so if you want to keep in touch with your Pennywise friends please come find us on Yahoo or Facebook.

This is not goodbye, I promise! That is the part that took me so long to realize. It is What comes next?, What is in store?, What will we do now? There is lots of room for input there and I hope that we will all stick together even when I run out of OSo Sticky Tape.
Hugs and Love,


Suzanne Glazier
Pennywise Arts, Where your favorite color can be clear!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Several months ago I saw a fun and sassy sign in a consignment store that said, “Procrastinate it frees up time to craft!”  I knew then and there that I would be making something using those words!


I made up several of these for Christmas gifts.  It was perfectly suited for a choice few of my friends.  (wink, wink, I won’t name names!)  It starts with a simple frame (mine were purchased at the Dollar Tree).  I cut scrapbook paper to fit behind the glass and then cut the words from vinyl with my Cricut and rubbed them onto the glass.  The flowers and ribbon were applied using Zots 3D dots. 

The process of creating the flowers was so much fun!  I went on a four day crafting getaway and made these during much of that time.  Addictive?  I should say so!  This is how they came to be:

Step 1.  Lots and lots of flowers were cut from heavy scrapbook paper using my “Tattered Florals” Tim Holtz die and Vagabond cutter.  The finished flowers are layered so it takes 2 or 3 cut flowers to create one finished dimensional flower.


Step 2.  I rolled the petals around a skewer to shape them.


Here are several of the die cut flowers shaped and ready to get dipped into the hot UTEE


Step 3.  Holding a flower with teezers I dipped it into the melted Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel also known as UTEE.


Step 4.  Once the entire front of the flower is coated with UTEE I lift the flower out letting excess drip off.  It may still be a little gloppy but that gets fixed in the next step.


Step 5.  I placed the gloppy UTEE coated flower onto a craft sheet and began heating it with a heat tool.  The excess embossing enamel melts away and forms puddles on the sheet.  Using tweezers I moved the flower out of the puddle and continued to heat until all of the petals had a smooth glossy finish.  Lastly, I sprinkled some micro beads onto the flower while the petals were still melty.


Here are several of the smaller flowers all beaded up.


Step 6.  I layers the different shapes and sizes onto one another using Zots 3-D Dots.  Here’s a whole pile of finished flowers ready to go onto the frames.


I really like how much texture and dimension the micro beaded petals have!  I think choosing a really heavy scrapbook paper that had some printed texture on it really added to the success of this project too.  Let me know if you give it a go!

Hugs and Happy New Year!