Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine Gift Bag

On one of our play days together my friend Julie Imsland was inspired by a gift bag sample she saw on the web.  Right before my eyes in a very, very short amount of time Julie transformed a white paper sack into this darling Valentine gift/treat bag! 

Julies Gift Bag Front

Below  are her directions.  Note, the tab of the package opens at the back.


Small lunch sack with base of approx. 3” x 5”, I used a recycled white sack

Solid cardstock to match focal image

Focal image by SwingShift Designs: Valentine Hearts 3

Patterned Papers, two to match focal image

¼” O’so Sticky Tape

Gold Opaque Micro beads

Paper adhesive of choice (I used ATG tape)

Foam tape

Self adhesive Velcro circles


  1. Open sack completely, and then fold flat, creasing the base in the middle so the front and back of the sack base meet. See photo. (Instead of folding the sack base to one side as usual.)  
  2. Julies Gift Bag Side

  3. Measure the width of the sack front (mine was about 5 ⅛”) and cut 2 pieces of solid cardstock that width x 3 ½”. Adhere these pieces to the front and back of the sack, aligning with the bottom edge.
  4. Cut down the top of the paper sack with decorative scissors next to the edge of the cardstock.
  5. Cut patterned paper for the top portion of the front, ¼” smaller than the width of the solid piece x 2 ¼” high. Cut second patterned paper for the bottom portion the same width as the top x 1” high. Adhere these two papers to the solid cardstock.
  6. Place a piece of ¼” O’so sticky tape along the edge where the patterned papers meet. Peel off the red liner & press tape into a dish of gold micro beads. Press beads down firmly with fingers.
  7. Cut one piece of patterned paper ¼” smaller than the back cardstock. Center and adhere to cardstock.
  8. Tab is a 3” x 1” strip of solid cardstock with a piece of patterned paper ¼” smaller centered and adhered. Fold tab in half and adhere one half of tab at top of the package front.
  9. Cut out focal image and adhere to package front tab with foam tape.
  10. Apply an adhesive Velcro dot to the other end of tab to close package at the back.

Julies Gift Bag Front

Wouldn’t these make fun party favors?

Hugs, Suzanne

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine Tags

Heart Tag Several years ago I bought this tag at a discount store.  I loved the design, the texture, the colors, everything!  I’ve used it a couple of times now as inspiration.


The first time was for a Christmas atc swap on the Pennywise Arts Yahoo Group.  I made 50 of them!





Last week I used it to jump start some Valentine tags.  My friend Julie Imsland came to craft with me so she made one too.  I always like to see the subtle differences when different people do the same project. 


This one is mine:Suzannes Valentine Tag

This one is Julie’s
Julies Valentine Tag

We both used the “Roses Are Red 1collage sheet from the Pennywise website for our rose background paper.  There are lots of gorgeous images to choose from!  I used red and gold opaque micro beads on my heart and Julie used ultra fine clear micro beads on her bird.

Now look closely at the hearts:  

The one from the purchased tag is crimped one way.
Heart Tag Close
Suzannes Valentine Tag close

Julie showed me that if you fold your heart in half and put it through the crimper you get lines going in two directions

If you fold it in half and put it in the crimper another way the lines will go upward.  I can’t remember which is which but one of us put the point in first and the other put the rounded end in first.
Julies Valentine Tag close

If this design inspires you too, please share a photo of what you make!  If I get it before February 7th and if I get at least 12 entries to share, I will be awarding one of my heart charms to a lucky participant!  

Use the “Contact Me” button on the blog to send an email with photo.

Hugs, Suzanne