Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Masquerade of Treats

DT3 - Dee2
You’ve probably all heard this said about photos shared on the internet… “The picture just doesn’t do it justice!” and that is definitely the case with this bright and dazzling Asian masquerade design by Dee Moran!  It really is spectacular here and more so when you can see it with your hands.

PWA Designer Julie Imsland is always trying new tricks with her micro beads and tape!  These beadiful bats add so much texture to this treat of a card.  Trick or treat?  I pick treats every time!  Ü

DT4 - Julie1

Stamp Credits:  Stampington

Halloween Cute!

These darling designs were conjured up by my friend and designer Marianne Colschen. It's usually pretty easy to spot micro beads in a photo because they 'wink' back at you with their reflective nature.

Wanting to add texture to a design but just not sure where to start? Try placing a piece of O'So Sticky Tape over the words and bead them with clear micro beads!

Because light refracts through the clear beads and creates a bit of distortion of the image underneath the larger the image is, the larger the beads can be. Pennywise beads come in three sizes: regular, mini and ultra fine. If you are concerned at all, it's always safe to use the ultra fine micro beads with any image.

Both O'So Sticky Tape and micro beads can be found on the Pennywise Arts website

Micro beads add texture, dimension and sparkle to any project!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Frightful Delights

It was a dark and stormy night when PWA designer Loretta D'Onofrio created these two fabulous Halloween cards. It's amazing how Loretta assembles all of her designs while standing on her head (well,... kinda,..... she lives "down under" in Victoria Australia). Ü

Open, If You Dare!

I so love good old fashioned snail mail, and who doesn't? Last week I received this fun halloween card from my friend Christine Plumb. Christine has an amazing "eye" for layout and color. In fact several of her cards have become permanent artwork in my home!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome To Our Blog!

It's been a long time coming but it's here - a blog featuring projects, articles, photos and content by, for and from our very own community of "Beadie Buds"!

(def. bee dee bud: 1 a member of the Pennywise Arts Yahoo group community; 2 anyone who is crafty, creative, fun and friendly).

Blog Mission Statement: This blog is an extention of the Yahoo group and has the sole purpose of featuring artwork from our members in an easy to view format. It is not a redirection or a replacement of our Yahoo group forum which works fabulously for so many of our requirements. This blog is simply another viewing format to meet the needs of more members. Blogging is a very simple and visual way of quickly sharing group highlights, featured artists and community events. A blog will also help us achieve our group mission to reach more unfound Beadie Buds around the globe and to "Bead The World!"

A Confession From Suzanne: I've struggled the last few years to define myself as an artist apart from micro beads. There. I said it. I've been looking at that "thing" more and more because it really has held me back from being me. I've really missed the endorphine high that comes from creating art for art sake. I've found myself so business minded that I sort of lost sight of why I do what I do in the first place. People who own their own business should definitely have a business mind but we also need to be able to give ourselves permission to change brains on a regular basis and just get back in touch with the joy of making art. So that is something I want to do with this blog. I want to feel free to share things I've created whether they have micro beads on them or not. I want to feel your love and acceptance and not fear the gasp of "how could she post that without micro beads!?" (I am pretty sure I already know that the love and acceptance has been there all along and that the fear of judgement was a story I made up in my head.) So here I am, right up front and off the blog bat outing myself so that this elephant won't need to sit here in the living room of our beautiful new blog, or comfy old Yahoo group any longer! And you know what? I'd love to see what you've been making that you've been afraid to post to the group because "it didn't have micro beads..." Whadda ya think? Lemme know!