Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mini’s Are Back And Better Than Ever!!

IMG_0559 If you are a fan of our MINI MICRO BEADS then you may be aware that it’s been a challenge for us to get them back in stock. 

Several months ago our supplier decided to “go green” and started using different glass products in the manufacturing process. 

The result was devastating to us at Pennywise because the “salt and pepper” effect is definitely NOT what we’re going for!

Sometimes the universe pushes us to make changes we wouldn’t otherwise make, and in this case it has turned out to be a blessing because we were able to find a new supplier that offers beads that are far superior to any we have ever had before!!  Clean, sparkly and almost no black culls, these beads are TOP QUALITY! 

Of note, these mini beads are just slightly larger than the ones we previously offered.  You may also notice the new regular sized micro beads to be slightly larger than before.  As we sell out of the regular sized micro beads and the ultra fine beads they will be replaced with beads from our new supplier!  Soon, all will be the BEST QUALITY we’ve ever been able to offer!  Ü

To jazz up this informational letter, we’re featuring artwork by PWA designer Michelle McCarthy.  Michelle created this stunning shaker shadow box featuring perfectly sized inchie stamps.


Coordinating layers of cardstock back each image and a small sparkly gem adds just enough bling to finish it off.  So easy!  The inchies were then raised at varying heights with layers of foam tape.

Not shown well in the photo, Michelle has even beaded the shiny blue ribbon around the inside perimeter using O’So Sticky Tape!  Finally, on the outside of the glass she stamped snowflakes and Winter Blessings with white opaque ink.  Micro beads shake loosely around the inchies making this gorgeous box interactive and a beautiful display.


P.S.  We ended up with 100 pounds of the “green” manufactured minis and 100 pounds of ultra fines - so if you have a need for “salt and pepper” beads, let me know!  I’ll sell the 2 pound bags for $5 each!  (They are not currently offered on the website so you’ll need to shoot me an email:  suzanne@pennywisearts.com 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Being sick for the whole month of October really didn’t leave much room for blogging but I just HAD to get Chriss Grabb’s spooky creations up for you before the holiday past by!

Halloween is Chriss’s favorite holiday and she loves to create all things bats year round!

This fun banner has been hanging in my kitchen:


Lot’s of great paper layers with a spider web background stamp and micro beaded letters make up this great decoration.  Oh, and lets not forget the due cut bat dangly!

Chriss also created this great Halloween card: Batty I think this photo showed the sparkly watermark background off very well, but the lavender micro beaded background not so much.  Some things you just gotta see in person!