Friday, August 19, 2011

O’So Sticky Tape Makes A Comeback!

  Good NEWS!  Due to the overwhelming request to get O’So back in stock we are organizing a power buy opportunity!  This means if you love O’So Sticky Tape, you can help us get it back in stock by placing a pre-order NOW!!oso1068

Here’s the deal:  Our entire O'So Sticky Tape line is obtained in four different shipments each costing about $1,000.  (Ouch!!)

Pennywise is a cash business, we just can’t  purchase products on credit in this uncertain economy.  This is why we need your help to get O'So back! 

We are starting with one order for the REGULAR TAPE SHEETS since that has the highest demand.  The prices on all PREPAID PREORDERS will stay the same as before: 2 packs are $4.12 and 10 packs are $16.94.  Once the tape arrives the price will increase due to the increased costs to us from the manufacturer.  

We plan to place the order at the end of August  and have the tape back in stock and shipping by mid September.  This is a no risk opportunity, you’ll be investing in a “sure thing” with us!

Please show your support and help us get O’So back by placing your preorder on our website:

Once we get this order complete we will rally again to bring in all of the different sized rolls.  We’ll need lots of help to make that happen!

Thanks to all those who helped get this campaign off the ground!  Your support and encouragement made all the difference!