Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Asian Shadowbox

February is a month of fun holidays!  This week we have groundhog day (Wednesday), Chinese New Year (Thursday), Valentine’s Day (14th) and President’s Day (21st).

Our featured designer for February is Michele Aiello-Zendejas.  Michele was able to work three of those holidays into her elegantly created designs for the month. (Sorry no groundhog!)

Her first project is an “Asian Inspired Assemblage Shadow Box”.  Michele uses lots of great embellishments in her designs and will often create her own embellishments like some of the flowers and the fans shown.


After you get inspired here, be sure to collect your FREE Asian Female Image Download from our website.  This image is courtesy of Michele and her company, Swing Shift Designs.

Asian Inspired Assemblage Shadow Box

By Michele Aiello-Zendejas


•1 Shadow Box

Clear Ultra Fine Micro Beads (Pennywise Arts)

O’So Sticky Tape (Pennywise Arts)

Free Asian Female Image Courtesy of Swing Shift Designs for Pennywise Arts

•Chinese newspaper or Chinese text

•2 Chinese Money Envelopes

•Coordinating solid color paper

•4 Corner Stickers

•4 Photo Corners

•Gold Cording

•6 Decorative Beads

•Flower Paper Punches and/or ready-made flowers

•Embroidery Floss and Seed Beads for flower stamens

•Leaf punch or ready-made leaves

•Thin wire

•3 Asian Coins

•Small foam balls (vase filler or beanbag/doll filler)

•Black or Brown Ink

•Adhesive (I used a glue gun & glue sticks)

•Double Sided Foam Tape



Take apart the shadow box and begin covering the back with sheets of Chinese text and trim to fit.


After the back is completely covered with paper, distress the edges with an ink pad.

Layer and adhere the images with double-sided foam tape for dimension.

Use O’So Sticky Tape to attach a layer of Micro Beads to the focal image. Use a brayer to make sure that the micro beads are imbedded in the tape. Brayering the beads into the tape also give you a more defined image.


Next punch out several flowers.


Stack 5 of the flowers and set aside.  Loop about six strands of embroidery floss around your finger or the body of a large marking pen.   Tie off the bottom loops with thin wire, then twist the wire into a stem.  Cut the top thread loops and fluff (to make the yellow centers shown below).  Punch a small hole with a needle tool into each of the five flowers.  Then insert the stem through the stack of flowers.   For smaller flowers,  just thread a seed bead onto a wire, twist to secure the bead and then twist the  wire into a stem.  Punch a small hole in the center of each flower with a needle tool, then thread the wire through the flower.






Use glue to secure the flower to the stem or just roll the stem to secure.

Put the shadow box together and secure with glue. Begin layering your embellishments to your liking.


Here is a list of embellishments that I used:

•Accordion fold strips of gold paper to create fans.

•String six beads onto some cording and knot at the top.

•Small foam balls (Vase filler or doll/bean bag filling) colored with pink ink and a gold paint pen.

•Three plastic game pieces colored with a gold paint pen.

•4 gold photo corners adorn the focal image.

•4 gold decorative corner stickers adorn the corners of the shadow box.

•I used purchased small party favor type flowers as accents.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Newest Members of PWA Collage Sheet Family

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the newest collage sheets added to our site just this week!  Michele Aiello-Zendejas has created several collage sheets in honor of Chinese New Year and Black History Month! 

As our featured designer for February Michele has also provided two FREE downloadable collage sheets for our community!  Applause!!!

African American Beauties 1

African American Beauties 2

African American Men 1

Be on the lookout for some amazing artwork coming this month created with PWA collage sheets!!

P.S.  Please excuse the mess of a house we have with our collage images!  We’re working to organize them and put them into their own rooms for easier subject browsing.  In the meantime, you’ll have to wade through the mess.  Think of it as a treasure hunt!  With lots of goodies to be discovered!  It’s not too late to get your Valentine and St. Patrick’s Day images!

Hugs, Suzanne

Monday, January 31, 2011

Laura’s O’So Sticky Christmas Tree

I realize that tis not the season right now, but I recently got to see this awesome ribbon Christmas tree that our Beadie Buddy Laura Davis made and I begged her to let me share it with you.

Oso Ribbon Tree 

Laura put down a triangle of O’so Sticky Tape for the base and then used ribbon to make the loops for the branches.  Because O’so is SO STICKY she said it was the perfect medium for this project.

Here’s a side view:

Oso Ribbon Tree2

Laura said, “I made the Christmas Tree out of an entire spool of ribbon (from SU), and that fabulous O’So Sticky tape. The ornaments are glue dots that I colored with Pearl-Ex.”

Thanks so much for sharing with us Laura!  I am sure our friends will find a way to interpret your ribbon idea for many other themes!