Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Holiday Ornament Inspirations

On page two of the Pennywise Arts website Art Gallery Stephanie Loomis has some elegant dominoes. Snowflakes are always quick and easy and I love how she has oriented one sideways!
We also have some purse charms (not sure who made them though).

I love the idea of doing some tag ornaments using the ball chain as a hanger. I always save the little chains thats sometimes come on clothing tags (usually my son's jeans) and this would be a neat wayto use/recycle them!
Hugs and Happy Holidays,

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Ornament Ideas

With some unexpected time on my hands I thought I would comb all of our archives and art gallery to find some beadie ornament ideas for you! We sure have some great ones in the Pennywise Arts website Art Gallery

Not all of the ideas that are inspiring me are "Christmas" themed but I can sure see some potential in making them so!

At left are glass slide ornaments made by Cheryl Miller.
I would really love to make Yvonne's shaker box into an ornament! Can you see it in your mind's eye too?

Yvonne also has some cute ornaments which she constructed with coin holders as picture windows:

Beth Ullman has some darling pins:

And that's all on page one of our art gallery!

Hugs and Happy Holidays,