Thursday, August 19, 2010

Something Fishy Here

Funny thing about this post is that it’s not formatting like it normally does….. something is definitely fishy and it’s not just this spotlight card from Yvonne Grimes! IMG_0251


Here’s how she did it:

Alcohol Inked Spotlight Card By Yvonne Grimes

(stamp by Peddler’s Pack)

1. Use Stazon Jet Black ink to stamp your image once on clear acetate, and once on white cardstock.

2. Use alcohol inks to color the back side of the stamped acetate. (Alcohol ink will lift the Stazon ink right off the acetate if you apply over the inked side)

a. Attach a felt pad to the wood handle and apply 5-6 drops of each color next to each other in the center of the felt pad.

b. Use handle to repeatedly “pounce” the alcohol ink onto the acetate. Turn and overlap while pouncing until the entire piece is covered as desired.

c. Apply 1-2 drops of blending solution onto same felt pad and “pounce” all over to lighten color and add spots.

d. Set aside to dry for couple minutes.

3. Cut a piece of O’So Sticky tape sheet to the size of the white cardstock and apply tape to white cardstock over the stamped image. Use the “tape trick” to line up tape before sticking it down.

a. “Tape Trick” – peel and fold back just one corner of the paper backing from the tape. Lay entire piece of tape down letting the turned back corner keep exposed tape off the surface. Get your edges all lined up and then stick down the exposed corner.

b. Remove rest of the paper backing and use your fingers to burnish the tape down good over the entire surface so there are no air bubbles.

4. Take your colored piece of acetate and trim to edge of image. Then cut several sections of whatever size and shape you desire from the colored piece.

5. Use the “tape trick” again to place your acetate over the matching areas on the cardstock.

a. Lift just a corner of the red liner and fold back to make a flap. Lay the acetate over the matching area with the flap holding it off of the exposed tape. Get it lined up and then stick down onto the exposed tape. Pull the red liner off far enough to stick the rest of the acetate piece down.

b. Repeat as desired for each acetate section.

c. Use the red liner to burnish the acetate sections onto the tape.

6. When done applying acetate pieces, remove red liner, dunk entire piece into the Mini Micro Beads to cover the exposed tape, and burnish with the brayer.

7. Use double-stick tape to apply image to mat, and mat to card.

Embellish card as desired and you’re done!


At Pennywise Arts we’ve become world famous for our shoebox parties!  Last month we had a mini shoebox party in North Bend and Yvonne shared this fishy project there.  Artist Vicki Chow put her own spin on the technique by cutting out the fish!  Pretty cool!


Here is the same technique used on another card by Yvonne:


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


PWA designer Becky Ward has added a lot of great texture to this “bubbly” card!


Three layers of cardstock, a Cuttlebugged background, three dimensional popped up flower, ribbon and Pennywise Bubble Beads all come together to create an astonishing card that has to be fondled to be fully appreciated!  Ü

Hello Bubble Beads!

We are pleased to show off this bright and beautiful card by Marianne Colschen!  The pink, yellow and orange colors of this creation are hot, hot, hot!


Marianne used our new Iridescent Bubble Beads to accent the centers of her flowers and they add so much texture and shine!  Do you love it as much as I do??