Monday, December 28, 2009

MMX Mini Calendar

Julie Imsland, our first featured designer of 2010 has created a cute mini calendar featuring several different micro bead techniques.   With lots of room for personal expression and an opportunity to use up some stuff, I think this is a great way to start off the new year!   “MMX” are the roman numerals for 2010, in case you didn’t know.

MMX Mini Calendar


12” x 12” calendar paper by Teresa Collins

(Journal-It girl # TC-6447)

Black cardstock, cut 14 pieces 3.5” x 4.5”

Poster board, cut 7 pieces 3.5” x 4.5”

Permanent pink marker

O’So Sticky Tape, various widths

Large alpha “M” & “X” stamps

Colorbox Classic Pigment Ink, Pink

O’So Sticky Powder

Ultra fine micro beads

Small number stamps

Permanent black dye ink

Two – 1” binder rings

Assorted punches, brads & ribbon


  1. Front Cover: Stamp “MMX” on sized black cardstock with pigment ink. Sprinkle ink with O’So Sticky Powder, heat just until the powder melts. Pat the image face down into a tray of ultra fine micro beads. Heat the beaded image again to “set” the micro beads. Once cooled the micro beads will be fully adhered.
  2. Remainder of front cover was border punched, and adhered to a piece of sized poster board with O’So sticky tape behind the punched edge. Pat the exposed tape into a tray of ultra fine micro beads. (White poster board was used, edges and exposed punched areas were colored with a permanent pink marker.)
  3. Cut the calendar months apart, and stamp the appropriate numbers for the days using black ink.
  4. Decorate each page as desired with small brads and ribbon. Use punches to decorate some pages and use O’So Sticky tape as directed on the front cover to fill in the open punched areas with micro beads.
  5. January page backs the front cover. Each of the next 5 pages have months on both the front and back. The month of December is inside the back cover page.
  6. Punch two small holes for the binder rings along the left edge to hold the calendar together. Embellish with short ribbon pieces.

Assorted Free Printable Calendars are also available at:

Here is a closer look at some of the details of Julie’s calendar:


MMX Ribbons

Bits of ribbon are the
page turners of the
mini calendar

Julie punched April’s calendar page and backed it with O’So Sticky and dipped in micro beads to create a reverse beaded image.

MMX April
MMX February

A cute little heart shaped
brad marks Valentine’s Day!

Be sure to click the photo for a close up view of Julie’s inset beaded snowflake on December!


     MMX Mini Calendar

New Year Intentions

With 2010 just around the corner, it’s “that” time when many will reflect on change they wish to see or make in the coming year. I prefer to call them intentions rather than resolutions because they really are things I intend to do.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten more realistic about the goals I set for myself which helps me to actually achieve something rather than make excuses for what didn’t happen.  I like that!  In fact getting things done excites me and motivates me to want to do more.  Which is really what this post is about…new-year-2010 As I reflect on the things that really matter to me and what I can do to have more of  those things in my life I came to the realization that I am a “Social Crafter”.  (You all probably knew that long before I did!)  I love to craft and make things with my hands, especially when it comes to paper.  But I also tend to do more of it when I have crafting friends near by. 

Over the years of running a home business, teaching classes and just plain creating, I have accumulated a lot of STUFFSTUFF that seems to clutter more than to create.  STUFF that is choking the life from the space that once held a shoebox party of 17 crafters.  (I’m lucky to fit 6 in there now!)  My intention for 2010 is to reduce my STUFF by about half to double the space and allow more PEOPLE to fit in there than STUFF.

Some people would wait until January 1 to get started, giving themselves time to just “be” with the idea of a new intention.  But why wait?  I actually made this decision a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already, little by little started to look at my STUFF through new eyes.  “Would I rather have this thing, or a friend in this spot?”,  I’ve asked myself.  Over and over the answer is the same.  The STUFF doesn’t really carry any weight when put opposite on the scale of the company of a friend.

So here I go!  Rolling up my sleeves right this minute.  Digging in to make way, make room, sort and purge!  And what a perfect time to be doing just this very thing,… when there is a blog prize drawing (or two, or three) coming up in just four days!  Wanna win some neat crafting supplies?  (We won’t call it STUFF when it’s yours! Ü)  Besides, this is good, loveable, amazing supplies that had an idea attached to it.  Now it’s needing to move on, be loved and used by someone new.  When you enter to win the prize (by posting to any article on this blog before the end of the year) please trust that the boxes full of fabulous things being collected to send are not junk, cast aways or more clutter.  The things selected to go to new homes will be good, some of it brand new and all of it useful and wonderful to crafters far and wide.  Seriously, I don’t buy junk.  Ü

What will your intention be for the coming new year??  I’d love to hear!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here Comes Santa Clause!

Oops!  I think I missed this hat in my posting of the fat hats from our swap!

This classic Santa hat was made by CJ Mueller.  Ol’ Saint Nick has been hand stamped and colored and adorned with holly. Ho Ho Ho!

CJ Mueller 1

Friday, December 25, 2009

Julie’s Christmases

Coming up in January, PWA will be spotlighting projects created by designer Julie Imsland.  Julie is a long time “beadie bud” and talented artist hailing from North Bend, WA.  Here are a few of the Christmas cards she has made in past years for our design team…

DT - Julie - Xmas4

Stamp Credits: Paper Inspirations


DT - Julie - Xmas1

Stamp Credits: Rubberstamp Ave.

DT - Julie - Xmas2

Stamp Credits: Rubbermoon

DT - Julie - Xmas3

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Catch Me If You Can!

And last but not least is Tracy Mathia’s gingerbread boy complete with micro bead candy stripes and a festive holiday garland.Tracy Mathia 2

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Gingerbread Fun!

This happy guy from CJ Mueller has candy stripes, googly eyes, peppermint drops and more!

CJ Mueller 2

Warm and Toasty

The final pages from the PWA Holiday Fat Book Swap are the gingerbread men and thanks to Jennifer Toussaint’s spicy little guy it actually smells like gingerbread here!  Jennifer’s gingerbread man has a textured background of cinnamon and spice.  He’s wearing a darling hand knitted scarf with ear muffs and has lots of goodies including teeny tiny cookie cutters, a sparkly holiday flower, Santa bear and candy cane heart.

Jennifer Toussaint 1

Joy Of The Holidays

Evelyn Spikes created this fun collage star with lots of fat layers thanks to the wonder of foam tape!  Her background feels like it could also be wrapping paper with a sparkly embossed sentiment which is repeated on the back, “Sparkling Radiance Season Bright”.   She has several stamped and embossed embellishments as well as  a couple of fun glitzy ornaments.

Evelyn Spikes

He Knows…

You can tell by the twinkle in his eye that this Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice this year.  And Kathi Hall did a very nice job on this star page!  The background seems to be wrapping paper applied with decoupage medium.  Thought it doesn’t show up well in the photo the word “Believe” sparkles with micro beads and Santa’s hat magically appears with some strategically placed fiber that makes the tip of the star look like it could be his hat.Kathi Hall 2

The Stars Are Shining Brightly

Another star page was sent in by Nancy Thaut.  A silver background with white fuzzy fibers, micro beads, jewels and stickers make this star shine brightly in the fat book sky!

Nancy Thaut 2b

Let It Snow

Yvonne’s star page is a visual delight with all the sparkle, texture and bling she has layered to make her page very, very fat!  This is definitely a page best seen with your hands so if you’re in the North Bend area, be sure to stop by for a peek at mine!  Ü  (And don’t forget that you can click on the photo for a larger view!)

Yvonne Grimes

With His Nose So Bright

Continuing on with sharing the PWA Holiday Fat Book swap creations we have one from Sally Bowen that is perfect for tonight!  Rudoloph the Red Nosed Reindeer is flying through the sky on this painted star.  Have you been good?  Maybe he’s on his way to your house!?

Sally Bowen

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

O’ Christmas Tree

Here is my crazy Christmas Tree concoction for the PWA Holiday Fat Book Swap.  All I can say is that owning a Cricut can really get you into trouble!  It definitely gives me more confidence than any one person should ever have about pulling off  insane paper stunts…Suzanne Glazier

Thankfully I have some fabulous friends who are willing to help out while my hands aren’t working and they didn’t complain one bit!

The trees were cut from a variety of holiday papers with the Cricut and each page has three trees attached accordian style to make them pop up and be fat.  Also cut with the Cricut are the ornaments that were a total copy of Michele Aiello-Zendejas’s design from this blog post.  Thanks for the inspiration Michele!

Hugs, Suzanne

30 Foot Tall Tree

I love the sentiment on Lynn Lake’s microscope slide ornament.  It says “Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree.  In the eyes of children they are always 30 feet tall”.  This is so true!  I can’t remember a single Christmas when our tree didn’t feel larger than life.

Lynn Lake 2

Lynn’s microscope slide is the focal point and her trees are gorgeously adorned with felt cutout trimming and red ric rack.  She has added micro beads and jewels for bling.

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

Nancy Thaut’s trees are adorned with gold sparkly ribbon swags, stamped ornaments, micro beads and clear “fat” balls over a brushed green background.

Nancy Thaut 1

Noel Tree

Kathi Hall’s “Noel” tree is simple yet elegant.  Embossed green on green lays the background while red jewels pull it all together for a gorgeous finish.

Kathi Hall 1

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Hat Shaker

Kelli Green used colored plaster to create the amazing texture on this Santa hat.  She crafted a fun shaker card rim with red and clear micro beads over a red snowflake background.  Her hat was finished off with a cluster of holly leaves and berries.

Kelli Green 2

Ho! Ho! Ho!

This festive hat was made by Karen Slusher and comes packed with lots of added details!  A mixture of  micro beads  and 1/4” O’So Sticky Tape stripes add texture to the wallpaper effect in the background.  A three dimensional sticker has been layered and embellished with Stickles and fun red pom poms border the hat’s brim.  Karen also added red stickles to the snowmen bordering the bottom edge to create glittery hearts.  A large pom finishes off the hat and was created from crumpled paper, a silk flower and a fancy brad.

Karen Slusher 1

Holly Jolly Santa Hat

Tracy Mathia 1

Tracy Mathia’s Santa hat has by far the fattest cotton balls I have ever seen!  Her background has lots of texture happening with embossed patterned paper and a glitter embossed “Merry Christmas” over the top of it.  Tracy then added red micro bead holly berries and she used her signature micro bead fabric technique to create the holly from O’So Sticky Tape that has been cut and beaded on both sides. 

Lady Chat Got Plastered!

This self titled fat hat was made by Melissa Ragsdill, also known as Lady Chat in the PWA Yahoo Group.  She used plaster to create the texture of the background which doubled as adhesive to hold a whole lotta clear micro beads to the brim.  A wide sparkly ribbon creates the perfect trim and a really, really fat squishy “something” with a peppermint candy image in the middle is the final, fun touch. 

Melissa Ragsdill

Monday, December 21, 2009

Heartful Snowman

Karen Slusher 2

Karen Slusher added her unique and classic style to the creation of this snowman with hidden features.  Paint and stamps start it all off in the background while hand punched snowflakes and Stickles take the stage to create the face and icicles on the hat.  The arms are ornament hangers and the vest is cut from patterned paper.  Not shown in this photo is the surprise inside when one discovers that the vest actually opens up and underneath is a large crystal snowflake heart!

Snow Angel

Julie Imsland 1 One of two snowmen in the Pennywise Arts fat book swap came from PWA designer Julie Imsland.  Julie was super creative in making her snowman into an angel and here’s how she did it…  The snowman body is covered in three white felt circles which have been aptly adorned with the basic snowman outfit of eyes, nose, scarf and heart.  (Everyone knows that snowmen have hearts!)  To keep her man’s head warm Julie created a hat from an old tube sock (clean of course!)  The wings were made from scalloped chipboard that she found at Michael’s last summer.  She cut each board in half to get the shape shown.  Painted white and run through her Cuttlebug, Julie added embossed snowflake texture to the background of the wings before rubber stamping snowflakes over the top with gold ink and adding them to the back of the snowman to create her warm hearted snow angel.

Let The Angels Sing

Our only angel in the holiday fat book came from Jennifer Toussaint.  Her heavenly design consists of a neat crackly background with lots of white feathers, beaded trim, crystals and comes with it’s own set of musical instruments.

Jennifer Toussaint 2

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Marvelous Mitten

Lynn Lake created a fuzzy blue mitten with felt cuff adorned with chilly snowflakes and a warm cup of cocoa.  “Tis the Season” don’t cha know!

Lynn Lake 1

And More Marvelous Mittens

This marvelous mitten was created by Julie Imsland.  To truly appreciate this creation you’ll want to be sure and click on the photo for a larger version.  Julie has used an assortment of patterned paper as well as hand held punches to create this fun design.  Behind some of the punched out patterns she has used O’So Sticky Tape and micro beaded it.

Julie Imsland 2

More Marvelous Mittens…

Next up for show and tell is a baby blue mitten with fur cuff that has been adorned with a great collage of vintage girls, layered punch snowflakes and pearls.  Denise Bickmore is the artist extraordinaire…

Denise Bickmore

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Marvelous Mittens

On the Pennywise Arts Yahoo Group we just completed another fat book swap.  The theme was “Holiday” and we all used precut chipboards from Michael’s craft stores found country wide.  There were several different shapes available to choose from and we let each player decide which shape they would use.  One of the most popular was the mitten.  Who could resist a fun shape that calls to be warmed up with all sorts of wintery designs?

This gorgeous one was created by Bonnie Slipper, a long time member and friend to PWA. 

Bonnie Slipper Bonnie hosted one of the very early PWA shoebox parties and I’ve had the opportunity to meet this kind lady.  Her mitten design truly reflects the classy warmth that is so Bonnie.

The background is made of red and white cardstocks that have been Cuttlebug embossed with two different designs.  Layered on that is the sentiment, felt holly with red pom pom berries and a fun corsage of candy, red and white striped ribbon, green paper curls and white pipe cleaners – Wow!!   And that’s not all…  What totally makes this design for me is the light feathery boa with the iridescent fibers running through.  It simply calls to be touched.

Not shown in this photo are the gold micro beads which are bordering the bottom edge and the back which has been covered with patterned paper and had a foam reindeer complete with a poinsettia and a red nose.  Bravo Bonnie!

Dear Readers, Be sure to leave comments on our Holiday Fat Book designs because once they’ve all been posted we’re planning some more fun prize drawings!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Wonderland

No matter how big I make this photo, or what angle I take the picture at, this blog will not be able to accurately showcase how amazing this gorgeous and sparkly card is!

CJ Christmas Card

Long time PWA friend, CJ Mueller made this beautiful card.  I am guessing that she used a stencil, but I could be wrong.  The background is a yummy rich blue foil and the trees in the foreground are completely made up of micro beads.

Thanks so much CJ, for the friendship, fun memories, swaps and of course for this lovely Christmas card!

Hugs, Suzanne

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keepin’ Score

I have always been a “game person”.  I love to play games and I especially look forward to the holidays when my family and friends gather around the table to PLAY!  (Okay, we eat first but as soon as the dishes are cleared the games come out!)

I am especially fond of this fun score pad by PWA designer of the month, Dee Moran.  It’s a fun, compact notepad with pen attached for quick and easy score keeping.  And the bright ribbons will insure that I will always be able to spot it in my game drawer!


Here is what it looks like on the inside….


Wanna know how she did it??  If you’ve been around the block with PWA for awhile when I say “four slot slide mailer” you’ll go “Ahh Ha!!”  You’ll definitely want to dig yours out (you know you have some you haven’t done a doggone thing with!)

Dee took a 4 slot slide mailer (something we used to sell at PWA ages ago) and cut it in half.  Then she cut out the “bars” on the inside where the slides would normally go.  She covered the outsides with napkins and Modge Podge and embellished with gold micro beads, letters, and fun oval shaped playing cards.  Finally she drilled two holes in the top to bind with red binder rings which were spruced up with lots of ribbon.  Did you even know that we sell ribbon at Pennywise? 

Sorry girls, this one won’t be raffled off in our blog give away but you still have time to win any of the three previous projects just by leaving a comment on the one you’d like to receive.

And remember, you can always click on the photos in this blog to get a closer look!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Got Nestabilities?

Here’s another cute elfish idea from PWA designer, Dee Moran.  Dee used her Nestabilities die cuts to create this fancy beaded window frame.  It almost looks like frosty snow!


We recommend using PWA O’So Sticky Paperback Tape sheets when using die cuts, punches and digital cutters.

Be sure to leave a comment for Dee – you might just win this darling card in our drawing!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Shake It Up For Christmas

Dee Moran is back with another fun idea for Christmas!  This elfish shaker tin could hold small treats for teacher or office gifts.  Use them for stocking stuffers or to show appreciation to the mailman, paperboy, hairdresser,….  Everyone would love to receive this playful tin and it’s so quick and easy to make!

shaker tin


A tin with glass window

1/8 and ¼ “ O So Sticky tape

Micro Beads: white / red / clear

Double sided foam tape

Create the shaker lidTrace the lid over a pre-stamped and colored image. Cut just inside the lines. Do one more the same size with colored card stock.

Line the inside of the lid with double sided foam tape. Remove tape liner and pour in clear micro beads, then adhere circle with image and glue down the colored card stock circle over the top to finish the inside.

With ¼” O’So sticky tape….diagonally line and cut around the lid. Remover liner on every other one and add white beads. Remove liner on the rest and adhere the red beads.

Leaving lid on tin, adhere 1/8 “O’so Sticky tape around the base of the tin. Do the same with the ¼ inch. Remove liner and add beads.

For more helpful holiday craft ideas be sure to visit the PWA class archives!   We have tutorials for ornaments, tree stars, photo frames and more!

 Click Here To Go See More Crafty Ideas!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Operation Organized!

Designer Dee Moran has created a fun and functional shopping planner that will help keep you organized and stylish while you’re out trying to conquer the task of acquiring all of those Christmas gifts and goodies.

pic 1With a notepad for making lists, and a filing system for coupons or receipts as well as a matching micro bead embellished pen you will be all set to hit the mall and get what you need for everyone on your shopping list.

Supplies needed to make one for yourself:

Elastic: 1/4” x 8” (1 piece)

Chipboard: 5.5” x 3.5”(2 pieces), 5.5” x 1” (1 piece)

Paper pad 5.5” x 3” (1 piece)

Patterned paper: 6” x 9.5” (1 piece)

Coordinating  paper 2” x 8” (1 piece)

Coordinating Papers 6.5” x 4” (1 piece) and 8” x 5.25”(1 piece)

Plain colored card stock 6”x 6” (6 pieces)

O’So Sticky Tape 1/8” size

Sharpie marker – color to match the paper

How to do it:

Step 1.  Create the cover:  Glue the chipboard pieces as shown below on to the back of the 6” x 9.5” patterned paper leaving a small gap between them.


layout1 jpg

Miter the corners and glue all edges down to the chipboard .

Step 2 Attach the elastic:  Punch 2 holes on backside of organizer 3/4” up and 3/4” in from each corner.  Color the elastic with colored Sharpie to match paper.  Thread elastic through the holes and adhere on the inside with O’So Sticky Tape.  Note:  You need  some slack in the elastic to have enough room to close the book - so don’t make it too tight.

Here is a photo of the back cover to show how the elastic comes through:


Step 3 Finish the cover”  Glue the  8” x 5.25” coordinating paper inside the cover to give it a finished look.

Step 4.  Create the pocket:  Cover the 5.5” x 3” chipboard with 6.5” x 4” coordinating paper.  Apply 1/8” O’ So Sticky Tape to the back side of this piece, as close to the edges as possible to the bottom and outer edge of the pocket. Place this inside of the back cover of the organizer (the side with the elastic on it) to create a pocket for the paper pad to slip into.  When you insert the paper pad it looks like this:


Step 5.  Create the file pockets:  Take one of the 6” x 6” cardstock pieces and score 1/2” on 2 sides then fold the whole piece in half like this:


Cut away two edges like this:


Glue the remaining edge flaps to the inside to create a folder.  Repeat four more times for a total of five folders (shown below).

Step 6.  Create file tabs: With the remaining 6” x 6” cardstock, punch or cut five tabs.  Fold and adhere to each pocket.  Label as desired.

Step 7.  Create accordion with files:   Adhere double sided tape to the center of each of the four pockets and attach them together to create an accordion.  Cover the top pocket with patterned paper (2” x 8” strip of paper) and embellish as desired.  Glue the accordion to the inside of the front cover with pockets facing out.  Here is how Dee did hers:

accordian from top coupons

Step 8.  Embellish as desired.

Dee created a faux bound edge with cardstock and faux brads leaving a gap to store her pen:

To create the coordinating pen, Dee took a plain round barrel pen and wrapped it with O’So Sticky Tape.  She then covered it with coordinating patterned paper and embellished the top edge with 1/4” O’So Sticky Tape and micro beads.


While the instructions may seem lenthy, it’s only because we have a way of over explaining everything to make it easy for you!  Got an hour or two of down time this week?  Whip one up and see for yourself, and then send a photo so we can see it too!  Ü