Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keepin’ Score

I have always been a “game person”.  I love to play games and I especially look forward to the holidays when my family and friends gather around the table to PLAY!  (Okay, we eat first but as soon as the dishes are cleared the games come out!)

I am especially fond of this fun score pad by PWA designer of the month, Dee Moran.  It’s a fun, compact notepad with pen attached for quick and easy score keeping.  And the bright ribbons will insure that I will always be able to spot it in my game drawer!


Here is what it looks like on the inside….


Wanna know how she did it??  If you’ve been around the block with PWA for awhile when I say “four slot slide mailer” you’ll go “Ahh Ha!!”  You’ll definitely want to dig yours out (you know you have some you haven’t done a doggone thing with!)

Dee took a 4 slot slide mailer (something we used to sell at PWA ages ago) and cut it in half.  Then she cut out the “bars” on the inside where the slides would normally go.  She covered the outsides with napkins and Modge Podge and embellished with gold micro beads, letters, and fun oval shaped playing cards.  Finally she drilled two holes in the top to bind with red binder rings which were spruced up with lots of ribbon.  Did you even know that we sell ribbon at Pennywise? 

Sorry girls, this one won’t be raffled off in our blog give away but you still have time to win any of the three previous projects just by leaving a comment on the one you’d like to receive.

And remember, you can always click on the photos in this blog to get a closer look!

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