Friday, January 8, 2010


The campaign to raise the awareness of breast cancer is a brilliant one.  Once there is awareness people start talking and once people start talking stories are shared and in those shared stories we can each find hope. 


My mom is a survivor.  So is her sister, my aunt.  (And yes, I certainly do get checked annual for this very reason!)  I’m thankful for the medical treatments that allowed these special women to stay in my life a little bit longer.   I wish more of the stories had a happy ending. 

I’m honored to share this beautiful card of hope made by Julie Imsland.  And, I’d love for you to share your stories here, in the comments on this blog post. 


Autumn Leaves Clear Stamp Set: # AL2703 Hand Drawn Alphabet

Pennywise Arts: O’So Sticky Powder ,1/8” wide O’So Sticky Tape, Clear Ultrafine Microbeads,

Tsukineko Encore Ink: Ultimate Metallic Pink

My Mind’s Eye Patterned Paper: # BH1146 Blossom “Girlfriends” Damask/Lt. Pink

Maya Road Ribbon: 3/8” Double Stitched Light Pink Velvet

JudiKins Diamond Glaze Dimensional Adhesive

Bronze Brad

White Cardstock

Provo Craft Cuttlebug and Cuttlebug Textile Embossing Folder



1. Clean glass slide. Stamp word with Encore ink onto slide, being careful to stamp straight down and then up.

2. Sprinkle word with O’So Sticky Powder. Tap off excess and return to jar.

3. Heat (as you would embossing powder), just until the powder melts and turns shiny in appearance.

4. Press the stamped glass slide into a tray of ultrafine microbeads, tap off excess beads.

5. Heat the beads again briefly to “set” them (perhaps 10 seconds), you may see a very subtle change in the look of the beads once they are completely adhered with the powder. Allow the beaded image to cool before touching.

6. Wrap the outside edge of the slide with 1/8” O’So Sticky tape.

7. Peel off the red liner and press the edges of the taped slide into a tray of ultrafine microbeads. Press beads with fingers into the tape.

8. Cut a scrap of the patterned paper to the same size as the slide and adhere to the back of the slide with a tiny drop of Diamond Glaze at each corner/

9. Form a loop with 7” of the velvet ribbon, punch a hole where it crosses and secure with a brad.

10. Side fold a 4.25” x 11” piece of white cardstock for card base.

11. Adhere a 4.25” x 5.5” piece of patterned paper to front of card

12. Emboss a 1.25” x 5.5” piece of the pink side of the patterned paper.

13. Rub a little Encore ink over the raised embossing with a finger.

14. Adhere the embossed pink strip across the card front, and adhere the glass slide on top.

15. Use a drop of Diamond Glaze to adhere the ribbon loop to card front.

Stamp Credits: Autumn Leaves


  1. Now that I've figured out the need to make yet ANOTHER Google name, well bummer for you all...ROFL! I've been reading OSO many wonderful entries here( made a few comments and will comment more on FAB crafts in the future),BUT must admit my fave blog has been about the "HAT". Funny thing is I've being having a HAT for, well all my life, and kudos Suzanne for getting there! Go to Suz's "About Me" area, and you'll find a great story!

  2. This card is beautiful! Thanks for including the directions.

  3. My cousin was not a survivor or breast cancer and it was such a sad day when she passed. She was my age and she shared a birthday with one of my sisters. Sharon and my dad were actually taking chemo treatments at the same time in our small local hospital. It really hurt my dad to see her there. Anyway I am a big supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness and want to thank Julie for this card. Darlene


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