Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beautifully Boxed And Beaded √

I just love Michele’s artistic style.  Her creations are always so thoughtful and clever and they often leave me asking myself, “why didn’t I think of that?!”  These darling boxes are perfect for little gifts, tokens or candy treats. 

heart boxes

Projects made with micro beads can be a challenge to photograph clearly, the distortion in the collage images is from the clear beads over them reflecting the light back at the camera.  In real life, they just glisten and sparkle like crazy!

Would you like an opportunity to receive one of these pretty boxes FREE??

That’s right!  We’re giving them away! 

Three customers will discover one of these pretties in with their order from our website this week!  Place an order anytime this week (Through Sunday) and you just might find one of them in your package!!  You can’t win if you don’t play, so get an order together and visit our website!

If you want to create your own heart boxes, here is how Michele did them:

Heart Boxes by Michele Aiello-Zendejas

3 small heart shaped boxes (Dollar Tree)

Vintage Collage Sheets ("Greco-Roman Beauties I" and "Lovely Ladies II" by Swing Shift Designs)

Gold Ribbon or Braid

Gold Microbeads (Pennywise Arts)

Clear Mini Microbeads (Pennywise Arts)

O'So Sticky Tape (Pennywise Arts)

Small mulberry paper flowers (unknown manufacturer)

Small mulberry paper leaves (unknown manufacturer)

Small flat back rhinestones (unknown manufacturer)

Thick Liquid Adhesive (any brand you prefer)

Alcohol Inks (Ranger)

Heart Punch (Marvy)

1.  Separate the lids from the bottom of the boxes. 

2.  Apply alcohol inks to the box to give it some color.  Let dry.

3.  Punch 3 heart shapes from the vintage collage sheets and adhere them to the tops of the lids.  When they are dry, cover the lid of the box and the sides of the bottom of the box with O'So Sticky Tape, being careful not to place the tape where the lid overlaps the bottom of the box.

4.  Remove the protective liner paper from the O'So Sticky Tape and place a ribbon around the heart shaped images.  Pour some gold micro beads onto a paper plate or tray.  Dip only the bottom portion of the lid into the gold beads.  Then dip the entire lid into clear mini micro beads. 

5.  Dip the side of the bottom of the box into gold micro beads.

6.  Embellish the top of the box with small mulberry paper flower and leaves.  Use flat back rhinestones for the flower centers.


  1. These boxes are so elegant! What a wonderful idea.


  2. Such beautiful boxes!! You are a busy girl, Michele!!

  3. I do love the boxes, Michele. What is the actual size?

  4. They are cute little boxes maybe about 2" across. Two have already been shipped to their new home - one more to go!

  5. Thanks, Suzanne. I think I need to check out my dollar store today!

  6. Thank you to Michelle for the lovely gift! Thank you to Suzanne and Yvonne, too! I got one! I am so happy with it. Adorable! So delicate.

    I guess I owe you a Thank-You card, eh, Suzanne! LOL! I'll see what I can do...

    Sally B.
    Baltimore, MD


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