Friday, July 9, 2010

Relaxing Bubbles

When was the last time you took a bubble bath?  Gosh, it’s only a faded memory for me!  Stephanie Loomis’s bubble bath card is overflowing with our Iridescent Bubble Beads and isn’t it just the cutest??

Stephanie Relax

In our fast paced lives, I think it’s as important as ever for us to remember to relax and pamper ourselves.  I wonder how many bubble baths Steph will inspire this week??


Stamp Credit: The Angel Company


  1. Actually, I'm not a bath person...give me a shower any day!....but this is one darling scene! And the new beads are perfect! Great card, Stephanie.

  2. Evelyn I am not a bath person either but this card is so cute! I know a lot of bath people and this would be great to send to one of them.


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