Monday, November 22, 2010

Gift Cards

I have two thoughts about gift cards. One is that I do not like to give them and two is that I love to receive them.

Receiving them? That's easy! I get to choose what I'd like/need/want most without having to return something I don't. Perfect!

But in my little world of gift giving, the best part is knowing someone well enough to know that they will just L-O-V-E what I chose for them and never even dream of returning it.

When I find myself hardly able to contain my own excitement, then I have no doubt that I succeeded in finding the perfect gift. And I love THAT more than receiving, I really, really do!

I just can't seem to wrap my head around the hunt this year though. I need to do something easy to let go of the stress I am feeling and something simple to keep my holiday budget in check. And I'd also like something that says "I thought about you" when I chose this.

I'm really leaning towards a gift card with a hand made card holder. So now I'm on a new hunt. I'm looking for the world's best handmade gift card holder. Do you know what it is?? Please comment and share any links you'd like to! If you have a photo to share, you can email it to me:

Thanks in advance, I know you'll come through for me! Ü


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