Monday, February 14, 2011

The Heartbeat of Your Soul


Once upon a time in a land far, far away.  Oh.  Maybe it wasn’t quite THAT far but it does seem like it was quite awhile ago!  We partnered with The Stamping Studio and offered a custom made stamp set based on something that I said in a PWA chat room.  (You had to be there).

Dot Alcorn is one Beadie Buddy who has the vintage and now priceless stamp set and she created this fun shaker card for me using it.

When I revisited this card today I noticed that the micro beads inside were all clinging to the acetate and obscuring the message, not to mention that they just wouldn’t SHAKE!

Never fear!  The used dryer sheet is here!  Yep!  Save one of those USED ones for an occasion such as this.  A new one will still be oily – DON’T use a new one!  Take the USED dryer sheet and rub it around on the acetate and the beads will relax and settle back down where they should be and viola – no more static cling!

Now go forth and bead freely!

Hugs and Happy Valentines Day!




  1. Thank goodness for those good old used dryer sheets! My husband laughs at me when he finds one in my crafty stash!

  2. I remember that, I think I even have that stamp, it was a good quote! I love those used dryer sheets too, good for so many things, you know, we crafters have to be environmentally friendly (reduce, reuse, recycle!) We all have to do our part! lol


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