Monday, July 18, 2011

Springtime Tins Better Late Than Never, Right?

Spring Tins by Eunice

Is it July?  For reals?  It sure feels more like springtime here in the Pacific Northwest.  We’ve only had a few peeks at the sunshine in the last couple of months and our vitamin D levels are waning.

My deeeeeeeepest apologies to my dear friend and designer Eunice Creswell for the very, very belated posting of her simply gorgeous springtime tins.  Life happenings coupled with a computer virus sorta knocked me off my game for a bit.

I posted this in the largest size photo that I could because I want you to get a good look at the details!  If you click on the picture it should get even bigger!  Eunice’s punches were clearly happy to be out to play for these because they showed up in a big, big way.  The patience and coordination needed to work with such teeny pieces is admirable.  Of that patience, I am seriously lacking so I extra appreciate it when I see it done well.

The green tin has several layers.  Green grass and a white picket fence are the anchors.  Little white bunnies and colorful micro beaded butterflies frolic in the foreground.  Sweetness is what this tin is, pure sweetness.

The blue tin is a virtual tulip garden with tulips and butterflies making the rounds.  The entire rounds.  Ü  Eunice added texture to the striped ribbon with a strip of O’So Sticky tape and clear micro beads. 

The pink tin is sporting intricately punched white lace with ribbon threaded through.  The butterfly really takes the stage though with it’s delicate wings and rose micro beads.

Eunice’s artwork is always a treat to see.  Her hyper attention to details and finishing touches are what make her so unique.


  1. cute cute cute! Michelle Mc

  2. Eunice...what delightful creations! The punch used on the pink one is fascinating. They make such wonderful additions to the tins.


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