Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Even Disney Micro Beads!

Look at this fabulous shirt that my friend Anna was wearing the other day!  Imagine my excitement when I looked at it closely and realized that the design was drawn on the shirt in black micro beads!


It appears that the adhesive is possibly an iron on (I can’t imagine anyone hand drawing them in glue for all of the Disney gift shops!)  But it sure has a hand drawn look to it. 

The silver reflections are where some beads have come off over the years of wearing and washing the shirt.


This really got me thinking of things I could draw on shirts with fabric glue and micro beads for Christmas gifts this year!

Hugs,  Suzanne

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  1. Debbie W. is always soaking up helpful information! She said, "When I was at Create! Rebekah Meier taught us about a product called BoNash, made for repairing rips in fabrics, that functions like an ironon glue for fabric. It is a powder. Make a stencil of your design, lay it on the fabric, sprinkle on the BoNash, iron (protect the iron with parchment or teflon sheet), sprinkle on the beads, and iron again. Tada! Also works for foils."

    Thanks for sharing with us Debbie!
    Hugs, Suzanne


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