Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Too Cute Room Cards

In the early days of PWA we had weekly live online classes where group members shared specific projects and “students” shared their creations from that lesson.  With up to 30 beadie buddies IMG_1790from all over the world participating at once it was wildly fun!

Room cards were one of the classes taught by Melissa Baldwin of  The Stamping Studio in 2005.  I thought they were so much fun that I used mine for a PWA shoebox party shortly afterwards.

Close up details show PWA micro beads used to accent the television screen and make the lampshade shimmer.microbeadtv beaded lampshade

The retro clock hanging on the wall has bubble beads affixed to the points.


A closer look from the top shows the fabric rug, kitty cat, overstuffed chair and pillows that actually look fluffy from being bent around foam tape.


room I used stamps from The Stamping Studio for my decor.  The paper is from Chatterbox. 

All folded up the card is held closed by a decorative ribbon band. Stamps on the cover are CTMH and SU.

IMG_1787 Here are some of  the other cards shared in class that night with the card instructions to make your own posted at the end.

Anna Justice created a darling room with a window and decorated the outside of her card to look like the outside wall of the room!

Anna Justice 2 Anna Justice  Diane Raschal Georgia Wood Jean2  Lisa Heusler3  Marianne Colschen Melissa Baldwi Michelle McCarthy Stephanie Loomis

Room Cards
Created by Melissa Baldwin of The Stamping Studio

1. Cut your Cardstock in a perfect square. Mine is 8.5 x 8.5

2. Fold your cardstock in half. A bone folder, or the edge of
an inkpad, is a great way to get a nice crisp fold.

3. Unfold, then fold in half the other direction.  When unfolded,
your creases should look like a cross, or plus sign.

4. Now go half way up one of the fold lines, and using a craft knife
and a ruler, make a straight cut. 

5. Move your ruler over slightly (I think a "smidge is the technical term"!) And make another straight cut along side it. paper w slot

6. You should now have a thin piece of cardstock, which your can go ahead and remove by cutting off the end near the fold.

7. Fold the paper half way up.

8. Then you will fold the bottom right flap over the left flap, and
it should stand up!

How It Folds

9. Well.... it will stand up with a little coaxing! You will need
to bend it a little so it will stand up straight. Let's call the
technical term for this "Paper Manipulation"! LOL!

10. Wala! You now have the framework done for your room card. It is the perfect size to decorate!

11.  Now feel free to decorate the inside of your room anyway you would like!… How about stamped wallpaper, molding, pictures in frames, and don’t forget the furniture! 

12. Let me tell you how to attach the furniture so it will hold
Tabsdown when you close the card; You  need cut strips of paper of varying widths for each piece of furniture you want to place in the room.  They should be the same color as the floor, and about 1 1/2 inches by 1/2 inch. You can cut them down in length as needed.

13. Fold each one in half to make a tab and place glue on one side and stick it to the backside of the furniture.

Tabs Applied

14. Then glue the other side of the tab and put  your furniture into place.

15. To close the card up for mailing, fold down the furniture, then fold up as shown.


These rooms are all just too cute!!

Hugs, Suzanne


  1. This is a great idea. VERY creative!!

  2. Thanks Sheila! I appreciate your visit! I have a newer version that I have "improved" upon by making the middle notch twice as wide but only to one side of the fold. Then I've added a little notch in the top right corner of the bottom right piece - so the tip tucks in there and it stands so nicely!

  3. I remember when you all did these. Wonderful. I may just try them. Thanks for all you do. I lurk but am grateful.
    Barbara R.

  4. I am grateful to know that you are lurking Barbara! Thanks for stopping by! Ü Did you see the "Man Cave" I just did?

    I'm all addicted to these cards again, so may possibilities!

    Hugs! Suzanne


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