Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweeet Friend

Clear micro beads are so doggone difficult to photograph!  If I use a flash they reflect back and all you see is a bright spot and if I don’t flash then sometimes the beads don’t show at all.  Good thing YOU have a great imagination!  For instance, imagine that this cupcake is sparkly and textured with ultra fine clear micro beads.  Actually, it is!

Sweet Friend PWA designer Jean Sunderman created this “sweet” card with lots of pretty paper layers.  To bead an image (like this cupcake) all you need to do is stamp the image onto the paper side of O’So Sticky Tape and cut out.  Then place the O’So sticker directly over the image and dip into clear micro beads.  It’s just that quick and just that easy.

When choosing what size clear beads to use it’s important to take into account how detailed the image being beaded is.  Something with very fine or light lines and features will probably look best with ultra fine beads.  If the image is big and bold you can get more sparkly and distortion with the regular size (.5mm) micro beads.  If you just aren’t sure then go with the mini micro beads, it’s a pretty safe middle of the road size.  :)

Hugs, Suzanne

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