Sunday, August 12, 2012

NEW Colors!

Pennywise Arts is excited to offer SIX new bead colors!

golden orange translucent micro beadteal translucent micro beadsea green translucent micro beadPurple Translucent bigger beadwhite opaque mini micro beadpearl white opaque mini micro bead

Golden Orange Translucent (Regular Micro Bead Size)      

Teal Translucent (Regular Micro Bead Size) 

Sea Green Translucent (Regular Micro Bead Size) 

Purple Translucent (Bigger Size Beads) 

White Opaque (Mini Sized Beads) 

Pearl White Opaque (Mini Sized Beads)  These have an iridescent shimmer to them that is really pretty!

Now’s a great time to take advantage of these NEW pretties - while we have our FREE SHIPPING OFFER still going on!  Just spend $20 on the website to enjoy free shipping!  Offer ends Wednesday.

Hugs, Suzanne


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