Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Yvonne!

Today is my dear friend Yvonne’s birthday and I am so excited to celebrate her birth because without her there would be no “us” and because we have “us” I am blessed to have one of the most amazing friendships ever – so Yay Us and Happy Birthday to Yvonne!

I am so excited to give Yvonne this fun birthday cake kit today!  It’s a school box covered with her favorite Basic Grey papers from the “Color Me Silly” line.  The words were cut from red Vinyl with the Cricut cutter.


Inside the box is a cute little premade cake I got at a fast food place called Carl's Jr.  It came all prepackaged in plastic so the frosting won't even get smooshed!  I've never had this cake (or eaten at Carl's) before so I hope it at least tastes good!  A  micro beaded "Y" glued to the top hides the Carl's label.


Added to the box is a color coordinated box of matches, a tag with a candle attached to it, a bag of sprinkles, a candle holder and a knife, fork and napkin to match! 

It was so much fun to watch this spontaneous gift come to life!

What have you made spontaneously in the recent past?  If you can’t think of anything I highly recommend it!  I can’t  believe how much creativity gets a kick start from a simple box covered in colorful paper!

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