Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Cupcake!

Going through all the amazing card samples that I’ve collected I ran across two more of Julie Imsland’s fantastic designs to share with you. These two cupcake cards look yummy enough to eat, don’t they?

DT - Bday - Julie2 DT - Bday - Julie

Here’s some “up close” action on the featured sweet treats!

Bluecupcake - Julie2

Pink cupcake - Julie

This one got a little tricky read below how she did it!

This one was a simple matter of masking the icing with O’So Sticky Tape.

The techniques that Julie used to bead the frosting of these using two cards was super simple and use very little O’So Sticky Tape.

On both designs this basic method was used:

1. Just stamp onto white scrap paper with the stamp you wish to use and make a template by cutting out frosting only of cupcake.

2. Trace frosting template onto O’So Sticky Tape sheet and cut out.

3. Peel off one liner of the O’So Sticky Tape and adhere to pre colored cupcake frosting image. Burnish well.

4. Peel off remaining tape liner. Pour micro bead mixture on to the exposed tape. Press the beads firmly onto tape with fingers or small brayer.

To complete the pink cupcake Julie did a little sidestep by putting a circle of O’So Sticky Tape over her colored image and THEN she placed a mask over the icing made of tape liner. This kept the frosting from getting beaded over when she smooshed the whole thing into the clear micro beads. Once that was done, Julie removed the mask and beaded the frosting with a multi colored mixture of micro beads.

P.S. Please let Julie know what you think of her designs by leaving comments below!

Stamp Credits: Lockhart Stamp Co., Impress, Memory Box, Sweet Impressions

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  1. oh gosh those microbeads look like real yummy edible sprinkles


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