Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year Intentions

With 2010 just around the corner, it’s “that” time when many will reflect on change they wish to see or make in the coming year. I prefer to call them intentions rather than resolutions because they really are things I intend to do.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten more realistic about the goals I set for myself which helps me to actually achieve something rather than make excuses for what didn’t happen.  I like that!  In fact getting things done excites me and motivates me to want to do more.  Which is really what this post is about…new-year-2010 As I reflect on the things that really matter to me and what I can do to have more of  those things in my life I came to the realization that I am a “Social Crafter”.  (You all probably knew that long before I did!)  I love to craft and make things with my hands, especially when it comes to paper.  But I also tend to do more of it when I have crafting friends near by. 

Over the years of running a home business, teaching classes and just plain creating, I have accumulated a lot of STUFFSTUFF that seems to clutter more than to create.  STUFF that is choking the life from the space that once held a shoebox party of 17 crafters.  (I’m lucky to fit 6 in there now!)  My intention for 2010 is to reduce my STUFF by about half to double the space and allow more PEOPLE to fit in there than STUFF.

Some people would wait until January 1 to get started, giving themselves time to just “be” with the idea of a new intention.  But why wait?  I actually made this decision a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already, little by little started to look at my STUFF through new eyes.  “Would I rather have this thing, or a friend in this spot?”,  I’ve asked myself.  Over and over the answer is the same.  The STUFF doesn’t really carry any weight when put opposite on the scale of the company of a friend.

So here I go!  Rolling up my sleeves right this minute.  Digging in to make way, make room, sort and purge!  And what a perfect time to be doing just this very thing,… when there is a blog prize drawing (or two, or three) coming up in just four days!  Wanna win some neat crafting supplies?  (We won’t call it STUFF when it’s yours! Ü)  Besides, this is good, loveable, amazing supplies that had an idea attached to it.  Now it’s needing to move on, be loved and used by someone new.  When you enter to win the prize (by posting to any article on this blog before the end of the year) please trust that the boxes full of fabulous things being collected to send are not junk, cast aways or more clutter.  The things selected to go to new homes will be good, some of it brand new and all of it useful and wonderful to crafters far and wide.  Seriously, I don’t buy junk.  Ü

What will your intention be for the coming new year??  I’d love to hear!


  1. I LOVE stuff. LOL And since I still have plenty of space for friends in my craft room (When are you going to come visit again, BTW?) I would love to have some of your stuff.
    Then I can go with my new year intention of actually using some of my stuff. ROFL


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  3. For this coming year I would like to start using my stuff. I love collecting, but I will start crafting/scrapbooking more often.

  4. move, Suzanne! I've been trying to get rid of "Stuff", too! It does overshadow what you've got: when we wind up with too much, we no longer know what/where to look for that special something to add to our creation!! Good luck with your weeding! ;-)

  5. Organize and utlile are my buzz words! That being said - Stuff is the stuff things are made of and I like to collect stuff. LOL! But treasures are the "stuffs" that make things special and anything that you, Suzanne, touch is special. No brown-nosing intended here. Over the last 5 yrs I have downsized and just recently coming back to my old self to a certain degree - a little wiser and richer in friends and family. I too intend to make every effort to create more and whine less. I intend to enjoy everything more even that is with less. I plan also to reorganize my craft room that has been uprooted 3 times this past year. I gave away stuff last year - this year I will organize and utilize! And create! LOL!

  6. My studio has room only for me and one other person. I'm not a very social crafter! Some people are energized by interacting with others (like you, Suzanne!) and others are drained (like me) so my new year intention is to always make time for the things that restore my energy - paper crafting, reading, meditating. I do have room in my studio for more STUFF, of course!

  7. I INTEND to get my room into somewhat better condition, although I did major purging and moving around in mid-November. No room for anyone else, but I don't have crafting friends, anyway. That's okay with me. I INTENDED to use up stuff before buying new, but that INTENTION went out the window as soon as I thought of it! ;-)

  8. I have done some purging and organizing in my craft room as well. I am by no means done though. I have a much smaller space than you, and also love to sew, do a little crocheting, and want to get back to my cross stitch as well. Best of luck to all of us in weeding and creating!

  9. I have a quote from Brian Andres/Story People that seems relevant:

    "I try not to collect too much, because having stuff takes more time than you'd think.
    But then again, sometimes it's good to stay busy."

    Debbie W.

  10. stuff, stuff, stuff...I LOVE stuff! Always room for more stuff! I'll make it fit!

  11. I too have decided to remove some of the stuff from our lives. I have been working on helping to clean out a horders house and that really made me take notice of my own stuff. I like your theory on intentions rather than resolutions!! That is a good point!!

  12. Your clutter is our stuff to be had. Then we can shift our clutter and have it be someone else's stuff. It's all good in the end.

  13. The past couple months I've been trying to reorganize my STUFF. The other day I ran across an item I needed for a project months ago. Ha. My craft room is full, I sew, knit,do Avon,& have my computer & copy machine in here also. About half done, & have found extra room for Suzannes' treasures now.Time for me to enjoy my crafts' once again. Time to BEAD THE WORLD also. HUGS

  14. The week after Christmas has always been a time of reflection and organization; putting Christmas decorations away, cleaning out clothes closets, fridges, freezers, joke!

    My goals for the New Year are to get my "toys" organized better. That means that all my stuff needs to have a "home" and be IN their home at any given time.

    So far, I'm doing alright, even though everything is in boxes. That's just because we live in a fairly small place - no craft room for me here! Someday there will be - but for now, I bring out my "toyboxes" to play with in the kitchen!

    I'm more of a social crafter, too, but that hasn't been much of an option this last year with no steady income. I've managed to clean out a ton of my stash and this next year will be USING a lot of it!

    Two of my goals are of a crafty nature:

    1 - to scrapbook 1 page a day for the entire year (365 pages) and believe me when I say I have enough pictures to do this!

    And 2 - to make 365 cards for donation to a charitable organization.

    Due to the ongoing jobhunt and attending school full time, I'm not entirely sure how this will come to fruition just yet, but I think with careful planning, I just may be able to pull it off!

    Would I have room for more "stuff"? You betcha! Would I like to have some of Suzanne's? Definitely! I've seen the cool toys she plays with!!


  15. I love 'stuff' too, and if you could see my craft areaS you would say I already have too much junk, I mean stuff, of my own. Suzanne, I promise to find room for your goodies too should I be one of the chosen lucky ones.

  16. my intent is to "BE" more efficient and organized. My craft room is cooperating and forcing me to organize it by falling apart lol 2010 has to "BE" better CJ

  17. This is in no way an effort to get more STUFF - I just wanted to weigh in. ;-)

    I definitely agree with your entire post, Suzanne. It's how I've come to look at the "new year's resolutions", too. I've quit making the big lists that I feel guilty not achieving, and been utilizing the timing to set some goals and intentions for the coming year. It's a lot more effective than the unattainable lists and who needs the guilt? Maybe as we grow older we actually do get some things truly learned! One can only hope, anyway.

    I think it's interesting that just about everyone who crafts also has challenges with collecting/clutter/organization - or some version of those things. I'm convinced that some of it is due to the creative mindset we have that is HOPEFUL (always eager to try a new project), IMAGINATIVE (can see a use for practically anything),and RANDOM (the opposite of analytical and concrete thinking, which is helpful for organization). It's not a right/wrong or good/bad thing - it's just how we think.

    I've been trying to realize where my personal strengths are and utilize those, at the same time doing what is necessary to make up for my areas of weakness. More than anything, it's being honest with myself and those around me rather than trying to be someone I think I'm supposed to be. What comes to mind here is a phrase from SNL: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it - people like me!" (LOL it's way funnier when Jack Handy says it)

    So thanks for the inspiration, Suzanne. You always inspire me in more ways than you know. I'm off to do some purging of my own.

    Love, Karen

  18. Wonderful reflections about your intentions for the coming year, Suzanne!

    My intention for the coming year is to be more timely... this includes getting swaps done a little before the due dates (rather than priority mailing at the last possible moment), and also getting cards and gifts mailed on time.

    It frustrates me that although I stamp cards as a hobby and also work for a commercial greeting card company as a merchandiser... that almost always the cards I send are "belated" for the event.

    Maybe by stating this intention "out loud" for all to hear and read that I will be more loyal to my commitment.

    Happy Early New Year!

  19. Since living at my Mom's I don't really have a craft room right now. I do share a space with the grandkids toy room so I have to make sure that all my "toys" are put away and covered up when they come to play. I need to find some better ways to organize, so I plan to take everything our and get myself a "do over." I want to make some of my stuff available for the kids to use--I just love crafting with them. Darlene

  20. Having finished my clean-up and throw-out in December, my craft plans are to just play. I get so serious and uptight. That's just silly. My pressure is self-applied. So, I'm going to "lighten up" in my attitude to go along with my lighter amount of STUFF! LOL!

    Sally B.


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