Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cherub Heart Shaped Box

I “love, love, love” this beautifully beaded and embellished box by designer Michele Ailello-Zendejas! 

cherubboxIn fact, just saying that “love, love, love” made me think of a song that I currently enjoy listening to over and over and over again.  The artist is Jason Mraz and if you listen to it, you’ll be tapping your toes and feeling the “love, love, love” for sure!  It’s my happy song.


But I digress,…… just let the song play while you read on…..

The intricate details of Michele’s box are stunning, numerous and incredible.  She just has that way about her art that keeps me looking again and again and again to discover something different upon each visit.  Michele explains her techniques for this box below, so keep looking and reading!


With the advent of personal die cutting machines like the Silhouette and Cricut, the rabbit hole of possibilities just gets deeper and deeper!   I can hardly sleep at night thinking of all the cool things yet to be tried with my Cricut cutter and O’So Sticky Tape sheets!


Cherub Heart Shaped Box by Michele Aiello-Zendejas


Red Heart Shaped Box (Dollar Tree)

Gold Ribbon or Braid

Cherub Magnet  (Unknown Manufacturer)

Vintage Looking Foam Flowers (Designspirations)

Mulberry Paper Leaves (unknown manufacturer)

Clear Mini Microbeads (Pennywise Arts)

O'So Sticky Tape Mega Roll (Pennywise Arts)

Shimmery Pink paper

Silhouette SD Digital Cutting Tool

Heart shaped flat back rhinestones (unknown manufacturer)

Round flat back rhinestones (unknown manufacturer)

Thick Liquid Adhesive (any brand you prefer)

Beads for feet (optional)


1.  Measure the box to find out what size heart shape you need for the top.  Measure the sides to figure out how much you need to go around it.

2.  I used my Silhouette SD to cut out a lacy heart design on shimmering pink paper.  I also used it to cut long lacy strips for the sides of the heart shaped box.  If you don't have an electronic cutter, you can cut out a heart and then use punches or scissors to make lacy designs.  You could also use a doily or a piece of lace cut to size.  Do the same for the side strips.

3.  Trace the lid of the box onto the paper side of a large roll of O'So Sticky tape.  Cut the tape, peel one of the double sided backings off and place it on the lid of the heart shaped box.  Removed the other double sided backing from the heart shaped piece of tape and then adhered the cutout heart.  Place braid or ribbon around the top of the box to finish the edges.

4.  Pour clear mini  micro beads on the exposed tape.  Do the same for the sides of the box.

5.  Remove the magnet from the back of the cherub and adhered it to the box with thick liquid glue.  Adhere beads to the cherubs wings and drape.

6.  Adhere flowers, leaves, and rhinestones to the box.


  1. What a jewel! This little box is so detailed and elaborate. Fabulous, Michele!

  2. WOW! The details are fantastic! How beautiful!

  3. Just beautiful! Reminds me of the vintage little chocolate candy boxes that came from the the local candy store--wonderful memory.

    Great song too--I had not heard him before--I want to hear more now. Dar


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