Monday, February 22, 2010

Love Letters √

There was so much love to share this month that we couldn't possibly fit it all in before February 14th so we're going to keep sharing the love all month long!   In fact, we have so much love to share that we are literally GIVING it away!  (Keep reading!)


This fun stack of faux love letters by Michele Aiello-Zendejas really tickled me this month.  I knew that Michele had put out a call for envelopes and lots of them but I had no idea what she was up to.


It’s hard to show in the side view but this stack is actually put together as one piece and it even has feet!  I love how it looks sitting on my coffee table, for the moment!  (wink!)

Here is a close up of some of the detail of the flower bunch!


Now about the "giving love away" part.....

You could WIN the actual sample shown here simply by following our blog and leaving a comment there!  It's THAT easy!  The winner will be selected from the blog comments section of this post which you can find at

Isn't that exciting???

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To learn how Michele made this fun project keep reading!

Love Letters by Michele Aiello-Zendejas


Assorted envelopes

Flower die cuts (Assorted paper punches)

Love die cut (Silhouette SD)

Heart die cuts (Sizzix Paddle Punches)

Vine die cuts (Silhouette SD)

Tag die cuts (Silhouette SD)

Vine/Scroll rubber stamp (Inkadinkado)

"From My Heart to Yours" Stamp (Inkadinkado)

Clear Dew Drops

Red Micro beads (Pennywise Arts)

O'So Sticky Tape (Pennywise Arts)


Small glass vial

Cardstock or paper (red with white dots, black, red, & white)

Scrap paper or newspaper

Thick Liquid Adhesive (any brand you prefer)

Diamond Glaze

Beads for feet (optional)

Acetate sheet (optional)

1.  Stuff the envelopes with scrap paper or newspaper, so they look like there is a letter inside. 

2.  Stamp a design on the top envelope.  Stack and arrange the envelopes how you want them.  Glue them all together so they don't shift while you are working on them.

3.  Tie ribbon around the envelopes and embellish with die cut vines, die cut tags, hearts, and flowers. 

4.  Use the paddle punch to punch out heart shapes from O'So Sticky Tape.  Remove the liner and dip the exposed adhesive into red micro beads.  Adhere to the top of the envelopes.

5.  Accent the design with Dew Drops and a clear vial filled with micro beads.

6.  Use Diamond Glaze to add dimension to some of the die cuts, such as "Love" and the postage die cut.

7.  For durability, I glued an acetate sheet under the bottom envelope and used small clear rubber plugs as feet.


  1. How beautiful Michele!! You're so creative!!

  2. Wow Michele--this is so cool. What a great idea for a gift. Dar

  3. That is fabulous!! What an awesome giveaway.

  4. Wow, what a lot of work went into those letters! they look beautiful.


  5. This is really cool - I really like the heart in the upper right hand corner with the little "lines" coming off it just like a postmark!

  6. Wow! That's my first thought after seeing your artwork Michele! You've done a awesome job. Vicki C.

  7. This this beautiful! It's a great idea to use up envelopes and create a great gift! Putting little trinkets, magnets in the envelopes would be great. Thank you for sharing!

  8. This is so pretty. I would love to be able to make this great gift. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Amazing! Michele does such beautiful work. It is a great give a way

  10. That is awesome! I am thinking you could do something like this for all Holidays, maybe thats just me though!!! LOL

    Lovely and I love the colors!

  11. Lovely love letters standing on their very own feet...
    me loves, me wants...;o)
    Congrats, creativity = great projects!

  12. Wow. I wish I had the desire to do such detailed and beautiful things.

  13. Michele, you never cease to amaze me! What a cool project - yet again! Anyone (including me!) can't help but love it! You still got it, Michele! lol

  14. Just when you think you will never be warm again at the tail end of winter, you see these lovely love letters that warm your soul. Thank you!
    Jan Canyon

  15. I love hearts, anything to do with hearts and Michele you certainly have fufilled my fantasy. A beautiful work of art.

  16. What a lovely way to feel loved for those of us who don't receive love letters.

  17. Sweet card, Michele! Would love to own it.

  18. I am in awe! Such beauty and creativity! I love that it even has feet! Lovely!

  19. Michele is awesome as usual!!! So exactly how many envelopes did she use??? Now that's a lot of LOVE!

  20. In this age of twits, tweets, emails and facebook there is NOTHING that compares to receiving a written letter, complete with a stamp, in my snail mailbox. This stack of faux love letters is a gorgeous reminder of the disappearing art of letter writing.

  21. Excellent job Michele, there is so much detail to this project! What a wonderful job

  22. With a name like mine, how can I not LOVE-letters! I've written and received them, but would LOVE to have these cause they're from my BB Michele!
    Lady Chat

  23. I am so trying to learn how to make cards! I needed a 1., 2., 3. tutorial. Not sure I could make Michelle's cards, they are magnificent! Wow! But I'd like to try...

    Sally B.

  24. I can't believe I wasn't following already! What's wrong with me? Lovely project. Miss all you guys. Just sooooo durned busy.

  25. Incredible Michele! I wish I had just a tiny bit of your creativity.

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  27. Wonderful concept and amazing details! Awesome work, Michele!! I have some letters between hubby and me before we were married when we were in different cities. I think they need to come out of hiding and get dressed up! Thanks for the inspiration :o)

  28. I have always loved Michele's work. From her art sheets in the store to her projects at retreat's, to the cards she has sent. She is so creative and this is no different. It's stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Oooh, so pretty. I love it! It would be awesome to win some love. I already follow your blog. :-)

  30. What a wonderful creation! Thanks for a chance to win it. I am a follower. Iris Soscia

  31. Thank you to everyone who posted! I am so glad that you liked the "Love Letters"! Your comments made my day! :-)

    ~Michele A-Z

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  33. It is NOT good for a retired English teacher to leave a word out of a comment! ;-) I shall try again:
    Wow! Look at the number of comments! Michele---these are just out of this world! They are beautiful and they are wonderful examples of all the detail and special care you put into your creations

  34. so now for the 3rd time I am trying to post a comment...these computers are so tempermental!! lol!! anyway, hope I am not to late to enter in the chance to win that lovely "Love Letters" candy!! Thanks so much Barb S.

  35. I just stumbled upon this blog - very inspiring and what a great way to warm up a snowy day!

  36. As my son Jordan passed through the room just now I had him pick a random comment to determine our winner. Congratulations to Kslush! You are the winner of this gorgeous stack of love letters! Yay you!!


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