Monday, February 1, 2010


I “love” this shaker card made by designer Jean Sunderman.  The red and yellow colors are so vibrant and complementary!    The frame of the shaker box is beaded with red and gold micro beads and edged with a gold Krylon pen. 


Are you wondering how Jean crafted the neat petal design on the shake box frame?  The secret is to save the white kraft release papers from your O’So Sticky Tape sheets – these can by cut or punched to create all sorts of design elements and then used as masks on the tape sheet when beading. 

This part is IMPORTANT!!  Be sure to lay the SHINY release side down on exposed O’So Sticky Tape when masking – there is a non shiny side that will not release from the tape.

I have a tutorial here somewhere,….. I’ll see if I can find it to share!



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